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Q. Can I keep my email servers, or custom DNS settings, but still use Agent Image's DNS servers?
Yes, if you have custom needs for DNS then we greatly encourage you use still use our DNS servers. This is to take advantage of our load balancing and fail recovery systems. We have many customers who have internal email equipment for their office communication needs and use our DNS equipment.

To get started, you must contact our support department (1-800-492-6777) and ask that we setup our DNS records, for your domain, with the special settings you need. Typically it would be a custom email MX record or custom domain name (, the Type of record (MX for email, CNAME, A Name for an IP, etc…), and sometimes the answer record (this is the destination where we end up). Usually, customers who have these special needs have an IT company or IT person. Basically this is someone that manages your computers. These people can greatly help in the process of having these custom DNS settings created for you. We welcome your IT staff to contact us for working out these custom settings in our DNS servers or to just answer general questions

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