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Employee Accolades

Patte Gilbert

"Margaux was great and made the necessary change (and past changes) quickly and efficiently. She even paid me an email compliment on my recent photo change. The personal touch was worth the feedback to you."

Rose Preciado

"Tom T. is a professional technical rep. He was very helpful resolving the issues on my site and acted promptly."

Mony Nop

"Ivan has been fanstastic to work with. I would highly recommend your business and Ivan to anyone."

Latife Hayson

"I wanted to take the time to say how wonderful Willie is. He always provides prompt, courteous service and always helps me in a timely manner with any issues that come up with my website. He really is terrific!"

Bonnie Schultz

"I would like to inform you of the excellent service I received from Mr. Chan when I called on Friday, August 5, 2011. I contacted support and requested a change to the information on the finance page of my website, He clearly and politely told me to send him an email with the new information and followed up as promised when it was completed. By The following Monday, it was posted. I am very happy with his service."

Scott McBride

"I have been working very closely with Aubrey over the past 2 months and without hesitation I can say she surpassed all of my expectations. The quality of her service is of second to none. She has spent HOURS with me on the phone teaching and explaining the wordpress system. I was very fortunate to have Aubrey as my design specialist and without question would recommend Aubrey and Agent image to any (non-competing :) ) real estate agent. Very impressed with the quality of service and finished product. She has gone above and beyond to help with my website and generated some terrific ideas to take our website to the next level. I feel my website is the new bench mark for local competing agents and this is a tool that will allow us to prosper in the Cardiff market. Aubrey is an All-Star and I can't thank her enough for all she has created for us. Thanks Aubrey!"

Frank Huerta

"Rachel did an amazing job on my site's home page. It has met all my expectations. Very pleased with her attention to detail."

Barbara L.

"I wanted to let you know how pleasant and helpful Cheryl has been to me. She has helped me greatly in managing our email accounts and has infinite patience when I forget her instructions and ask the same questions multiple times. I am very critical of customer service personnel since I was a customer service manager. You are lucky to have someone as responsive as Cheryl. When review time comes along, please reward her generously!"

Stephen Kaseno

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am of Margaux's help. She is always so knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant to deal with. You are very lucky to have her. She is quite exceptional! Also, Gregg in sales is exceptional as well. We plan on launching a Diamond SEO package with him in the next month or so. People really like our website so we always refer them to you guys! Thanks you for all you guys do for us!"

Dan S.

"My name is Dan S. and I'm an office manager at Razzani International Realty. About 6 months ago we moved locations, and I successfully updated the website to reflect this... so I thought. I was able to change everything but the address on the homepage and just recently caught the mistake. I contacted you company yesterday and was promptly helped by a very professional representative from your company. Willie had my problem resolved in literally minutes, and was professional enough to send me an email advising the update was completed. You guys seem to run a great operation over there, and I'm sure it has a lot to do with your staff. I wanted to complete a survey to reflect my satisfaction with Willie and your company; however I hope this email serves as the same purpose."