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Employee Accolades

Samer Kuraishi

"Want to say thank you to maria for her speedy help in getting my site updated. Thank you Agent Image and Maria!"

Jeff Salgado

"My last requests and issues regarding my website were handle by Willie. Each time he has helped me he has been both extremely competent and delivered exceptional customer service. I have always been pleased with his quick response time and results."

Assaf Raz

"I own and you guys created the site for me. Anyway, I just needed some customer support for the site and Tom was the person who took care of my requests. Tom has done everything that I asked and in the best way. Thanks for the good service."

Mario Gigante

"I must report back to you and let you know it is a pleasure dealing with Mr. Chan. He is most helpful and has accommodated every request I have made over the last months. all questions and tasks have been met with extreme competence and all has been completed with a quick response time."

Hal Harshman

"Frame is the best. When I use Agent Images' services in the future I hope to work with Frame. I would recommend him highly."

Bob McLain

"About six months ago I was not pleased at all with my Agent Image website. A lot of money spent for a nice looking website, but no leads were coming from it. At a point when I was about to pull the plug and go with another company I was referred to a man name Dean, Marketing Specialist with Agent Image. From the first minute that I talked to him until now, he seems to care and has guided me and my website to a productive website that generates leads every week. Dean has redesigned my site with a lot of SEO and lead capturing bells and whistles. Dean is absolutely awesome at what he does, so my hats off to Agent Image and people like Dean. Well I have to go now, I actually have a closing tomorrow that was generated from a lead from my new Agent Image website."

Karen N.

"Kirk understood the issues we were having with the site development and the direction we wanted to go. He came up with some creative ideas which were so appreciated. Kirk has stayed in constant contact with me during the development process either by email or phone when necessary. Kirk has always responded immediately whether I have needed to ask a minor question or had a more important concern. I think one of the things I have appreciated the most has been his patience. I have been fairly picky about things such as the formatting having a particular look, how our IDX property search pages appear, font styles, etc. He has listened to each of my requests in this area and promptly took care of them. Kirk is truly an asset to Agent Image. He made what can be a very frustrating and confusing process a very pleasant and even fun experience.

Anthony Maisonet

"Aubrey was an excellent project manager. She was always responsive and did everything that she said she was going to do. She was very reliable throughout the process and would always respond to my questions no matter what time it was. She was also great in making recommendations in areas that I had no idea about. My next project with you guys I would ask for her again. She is a valuable asset for your company and represents well."

Steve B.

"The service I got from Helen was everything I had hoped for. She was knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and answered all my questions. I was able to find what I was looking for in a short amount of time. Thank you"

Allen S.

"Working with Rocco has been a delight. His easy kind nature is an absolute joy to work with. He put up with my indecisiveness and changes without ever expressing a negative response. I appreciate him a great deal and has set the bar high for others to follow."