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Employee Accolades

Nili H.

"Ryan D. was a remarkable account manager! He was everything and more that I could have possibly hoped for. Every step of the way he was incredibly responsive, conscientious, creative and most importantly, I knew that he cared! No matter how off the wall my ideas or how extraordinary my needs, Ryan always found a way to create a solution, find a work-around or figure out a way to provide me with the results I hoped for. He showed me that he knew how important my project was to me and that it was important to him to make me happy! I can't say enough about Ryan, he just blew me away with his kind and compassionate nature in such a high stress environment!"

Richard D.

"Debbie and I had our first phone conference call with Nadia on your development team Wednesday. We could not be more impressed with how friendly and on top of things she was. I was blown away by how she was clicking away on the keyboard and talking with us at the same time. The best part was she is extremely creative and really in sync with our ideas! If the first meeting is anything to go by, I am sure she will do a great job. Thanks for all of your help. By the way, any ideas you may have for the latest and coolest design aspects, please let us know. We are very open to suggestions!"

John Keoni Welch

"Mitzi was my main contact in developing my new website and was really fantastic to work with. Mitzi gave me insightful suggestions on how best to lay out my website and I am thrilled she was able to achieve such an outstanding result! I would look forward to working with Mitzi anytime in the future when by web design needs move to the next level. Great Job Agent Image!"

Stephen K.

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am of Margaux's help. She is always so knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant to deal with. You are very lucky to have her. She is quite exceptional! Also, Gregg in sales is exceptional as well. We plan on launching a Diamond SEO package with him in the next month or so. People really like our website so we always refer them to you guys! Thanks you for all you guys do for us!"

Jeannie Culver

"Kirk was a wonderful project manager! He was patient when it took me longer than anticipated to have my material ready, he did his best to make every change I asked, and he consulted with other company techies when needed to be sure the site worked exactly as I wanted. If our project launch was delayed it was my fault as he always had everything ready when he said he would. He was always available and patient when I called in with questions and talked me through html code changes until I understood what I was doing. I have no website experience and he did a great job not making me feel stupid and helping me right where I am. Thanks for assigning me your best :)"