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5 Ways to Navigate Google’s Recent Changes

Whether you’re constantly staying abreast of search engine optimization and website best practices or not, you may have likely heard of Google’s latest rollout. As with most Google algorithm changes, this one is certainly causing a lot of commotion.

At the beginning of May, Google began rolling out their latest update to their search engine algorithm. This update came without warning and caught many website owners off guard. The “Phantom Update” or “Phantom Update II” changes the core algorithm used by Google to rank websites.

Websites are being weeded out for:

Some of the sites hard hit by the change include HubSpot, Examiner, eHow, Yelp, and more. When the founder of HubSpot saw their rankings drop by more than 30%, he sounded the alarm bell. Even NBC News jumped on the story questioning if sites like HubSpot and other “how-to” websites were in fact being targeted by Google.

What You Need to Know to Navigate Google’s Algorithm Changes

How-to websites are not being targeted by Google. What is being targeted are poorly built websites with useless content and filled with wall-to-wall advertisements. The update is aimed at providing a better user experience. Website domains are not being dinged, but bad pages on those sites are bringing down the overall ranking.

Google accomplishes this by changing the way that the system treats user signals. Those sites that exist solely as an ad dump are going to fall all the way out of search engine rankings. Most users will appreciate that. Below are the 5 ways to navigate Google’s recent changes to make sure that your real estate website doesn’t get dumped.

What Websites Fared Well? Which Ones Lost?

According to Searchmetrics, Amazon won based on “absolute values.” In relation to all other websites, topped the winners’ list seeing a 579% increase in traffic after the algorithm change! Here are some of the other noteworthy winners:

The video sharing website Upworthy had the second biggest decline in traffic at 72%. The website that fared the worst was Here are some of the other noteworthy losers:

Google Recommendations

Google has a simple recommendation for navigating this change; create better website content. Improve your website design. Don’t plagiarize other sites. And, make sure that the quality of your content is better than the rest: no typos, no broken links, etc. Your webmaster should familiarize themselves with Google’s updated webmaster guidelines, if they  have not already.

Was Your Real Estate Website Affected?

We have said it time and again; you have to fill your website with quality content. This algorithm change by Google is going to make it necessary for all websites to heed that advice.

If you are an Agent Image customer, you likely were not affected by this change. Our content packages fill your website with top quality original content and are the opposite of keyword stuffers – using organic SEO techniques that don’t detract from the content.

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