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Q. How do I set up a signature in webmail?
To set up your signature using webmail, first login to webmail via:

  1. Click on "Personal Settings"

Personal Settings

  1. Then click on the "Identities" tab, and select the email address you wish to set up a signature for. The options will load after a few seconds
  2. Once the editable fields are displayed, you can now edit your signature by writing in the dialog box to the right of "Signature"
  3. If you prefer your signature to be in HTML, select "HTML signature" and then place the HTML code you will be using, into the dialog box.
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Your email signature is now set.

Personal Settings

After setting your email signature, send an email to yourself to verify the layout is how you'd like it to be and follow the above steps to make any further changes.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding an email signature, please contact our support department at 1-800-492-6777 or

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