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Q. What do I do if my connection to the server was unexpectedly disconnected or terminated?
If you receive this error message then chances are more than likely that you have some sort of anti virus software or internet security that is blocking your connection. Our server never terminates connections which mean if you get that message something is interfering with your connection.

Generally it is Norton Internet Security and their e-mail scanning software, or a firewall that they have, also MacAfee, AVG, Trend Micro, PC Cillin, Zone Alarm, Avast and many more. All of these software's will work flawlessly when configured correctly to work with Outlook, it just has to be done properly.

Antivirus software is always necessary as well as firewalls so please use them just contact your software provider to discuss with them solutions for Outlook.

Other causes to this error message could be port 25 is being blocked by your ISP. Call them and get their Outgoing SMTP and your username and password.

Run the telnet test which is located here:

If this doesn't fix it please call us at 1-800-492-677

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