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Q. What do I do if the "enter network password" box keeps popping up?
This error message is a common one. There are a number of separate causes for this problem. One or all of these problems/changes could fix it:
  • There are capital letters in your settings. If you put capitals in ANY field besides the "Your Name" or "Name" fields, it will cause problems. Specifically the username, account name, and login info all need to be lower case.
  • You also could have an incorrect password. Your password could have been changed or mis-communicated to you and you need to call to get a new one.
  • You need to remove the account from Outlook once you know you have the correct password and add all information back in all in lower case.
  • You have software such as a firewall or internet security or e-mail scanning software that is interfering and won't let you send.
  • Your ISP is blocking you and you need to call them to find out their settings for Outlook.

If this doesn't fix it please call us at 1-800-492-6777

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