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Q. How can I set up multiple accounts in Outlook and receive the emails in separate folders?
  1. Create a new subfolder under Inbox

    Microsoft Outlook

  2. Add your new account in Outlook (click here for instructions)

  3. Go to Tools - Rules and Alerts

    Microsoft Outlook

  4. With E-mail Rules tab selected click on New Rule

  5. Click on "Start from a blank rule"

  6. Select "Check messages when the arrive" and click Next

    Microsoft Outlook

  7. In Step 1 of the Window check the box "With specific words in the recipient's address"

  8. In Step 2 of the Window click on specific words.

    Microsoft Outlook

  9. Type in your email address and click Add then OK.

    Microsoft Outlook

  10. On the next screen check "move it to the specified folder" in step 1

  11. In Step 2 click on the specified link and choose the folder that you want your emails from this account to go.

    Microsoft Outlook

  12. Click Next, and if you don't have any exceptions to add click Next and Finish. Now all the emails sent to the specified email address will be saved in the specified folder.

Microsoft Outlook

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