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Q. Telnet Test - How do I know if my ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking me sending mail?

This is the Telnet Procedure to find out if you need to get you ISP's (Internet Service Provider) outgoing SMTP Server.

  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Click on Run.

Start Menu

  • Once the new window has opened up, type CMD and click the OK button.

Run Program

  • Once the bleck window has opened, type in: "telnet 25" (don't put the quotes, but DO include the spaces) then hit the Enter key.

Ms Dos Prompt

  • If you see what is in this screen "220 Welcome to the webmail SMTP Server" then you are OK, however if you don't, then you need to call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and get their outgoing SMTP Server Write it down and call us back at 1-800-492-6777, or click on this link, Find My ISP's Outgoing Mail Server then scroll down and find your ISP.

Outlook E-mail Setup

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