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Real Estate Recently

It is undeniable that the Internet has become an essential part of real estate. Gone are the days when agents have to take out an ad in the newspaper to advertise a listing. It’s rare nowadays to encounter a real estate professional without a blog, a website or at the very least a Facebook account. However, with the massive influx of content that is introduced to the web every day, it can be overwhelming to leaf through everything and get the latest news, the best tips and the most entertaining stories.

At Agent Image, we understand the need to be in the know. And as such, Real Estate Recently is a digest of a particular week’s real estate scoop – anything that is fun, interesting and sharable that you can share on your social media business pages:

  • The Academy Award winning movie, Birdman uses floor planning and space to create the frantic and intense pace of the film. — Fast Company
  • Creating compelling graphics can be a pain. Canvamakes it easier to produce completely clean and professional social media pictures. Be sure to check out their design blog for tips on design and typography. — Canva
  • One of the first things buyers take note of is the listing description. There are however seemingly good adjectives that are considered real estate red flags. — Zillow
  • Using hashtags for business can be very tricky. Thankfully, Skillcrush has a downloadable Ultimate Guide to Hashtagging.Skillcrush
  • A balanced lifestyle is essential for your body to perform well. The same can be said for your brand. Your brand needs a balanced social media presence in order for it to attract more business. — Wired Magazine
  • It can be daunting to pick out a Facebook cover photo considering it is the first significant thing people see on your page. Let this list of 50 creative Facebook cover photos help you find the best image to represent your brand. — Canva
  • Networking is basically a given in real estate. But even if you have many connections, it’s all about what you will do with the connections that makes a difference. — Fast Company
  • Leaving you with a cheerful note: Here is a list of random acts of kindness that will definitely make you smile. — Buzzfeed

If you need more tips and advice on which stories or news are interesting, fun and sharable enough to post on your website, please give us a call at 1.800.979.5799.

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