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Keep Safe: Online Security for Real Estate Agents

The web, especially social media, has opened countless opportunities for the tech savvy real estate professional to do marketing with mere clicks of a button. However, as easy it is to access information, it’s also just as easy to fall into h...

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Tech Tip: Which is the Best Web Browser for You?

Since the birth of the Internet, various web browsers have been created to target the needs of every user - from the multi-tasking surfers, to the gamers, from the web developer, designers, tablet-users and wide screen-users. New updates, ad...

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Protect Your Real Estate Website from Spam

Everyone who uses the internet hates spam, but not everyone knows how to block it. In the real estate business, it’s vital for an agent website to minimize the chances of getting spam. CAPTCHA is a good way to block spam content, but ...

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