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Keeping Your Connection with Past Clients

It’s always a great idea to keep in touch with former clients – doing so opens up possibilities for repeat business and referrals. However, if you don’t do it right, they may only see you as that annoying person who keeps bugging ...

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How to Get Your Fans to Share Your Content

One of the indicators that prove that your social media campaigns are effective is if your content is being shared. For real estate agents, this results in more leads and a higher chance of selling at a faster rate. After all, when it comes to ...

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How to Get People to Stay on Your Site

Getting people to visit your website is a hard enough task in itself. Getting them to stay on it and actually browse the different pages, click on the links, and read the content is another thing entirely – especially with all the other distr...

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5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform for professionals and business owners. Unfortunately, you might be doing something wrong that could be costing you your connections. Review these five mistakes to improve your LinkedIn page: Giv...

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Virtual Assistants For Your Real Estate Business

In this day and age, almost all of our interactions with people is through some sort of device. If it's not through a phone, then it's through a screen with internet access. With that in mind, it's not an unlikely idea to hire a virtual assis...

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On the Rise in Website SEO: AuthorRank

In the quest to create a better way to rank website pages, Google came up with AuthorRank. This new ranking system is set to be fully implemented in 2013. Read on in order to get yourselves ready for this significant change. What is Author...

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Spruce Up Your “About Us” Page

After wowing your website visitors with your custom home page, their next stop is most likely your “About Us” page. Is this page as strong in reeling in potential clients as you think it is? If you’re unsure about that, don’t take any c...

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7 Secrets of Effective Real Estate Web Design

Real estate professionals know that just like a house with a sturdy and solid foundation, knowing and applying the basic rules of web design will help you generate more leads. Here are 7 tips to attract more potential clients to your agent or b...

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