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10 Best Video

The Altman Brothers

Los Angeles, CA

When you bear one of real estate TV’s best-known names, you’re no stranger to the power of video. Josh and Matt Altman use a stunning, edge-to-edge video wall to greet visitors on – proving that mere words and photographs can’t do justice to the sparkling Los Angeles luxury real estate scene. The Brothers are all about multi-million dollar listings so there’s little wonder why every inch of their website looks high-end and sophisticated.

Brandi Pratt

Coachella Valley, CA

Showcasing the best of the sunny Coachella Valley lifestyle is the secret behind the irresistible draw of The homepage opens with a gorgeous, high-definition video wall that features dramatic aerial, slow-motion, and panning effects. Depicting all manner of fun under the sun – from golf and tennis, to pool parties and cozy backyard relaxation – this website will surely make you look and never want to turn away ever again.

Anastasia Forrest

St. Augustine, FL

Experience life in America’s oldest city from the comfort of your own home. Let Anastasia Forrest take you on a stroll around St. Augustine on her real estate agent website. Her homepage features a vivid full screen video that shows you around the many highlights of this sunny, breezy Florida locale. Pleasant, inviting, and intriguing, this quick glimpse is all it takes to entice you to explore Anastasia’s featured listings and communities linked just below the fold.

Greg Burns

Maui, HI

“Your story begins here,” as the welcome text on says. From footage of Realtor Greg Burns jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean, to the overhead view of boaters paddling alongside a beautiful humpback whale, its video homepage is dressed to impress. Exhibiting every dream-like scenario that a Hawaii home turns into reality, this luxury real estate will likewise make you want to take that leap.

California Life Properties

High Desert, CA

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to own a home nestled in the hills, all you need is to pay The Real Estate Guys a visit on their website. Your jaw will drop as the camera zooms in and out of the sun-bathed hillside landscape of the Sherman Oaks community, fully capturing the warm, suburban feel of this locale.

Bill Fandel

Nosara, Costa Rica

Load on your browser and be dazzled by incredible upscale homes and landscapes set against a gorgeous mountain wilderness backdrop. This website makes excellent use of video content to illustrate the scale of the luxurious estates and acreage available in this southwestern Colorado town. Aerial footage, artistic panning, and dramatic timelapse footage will capture your imagination and leave you wanting a piece of the wild country.

Hillman Residential

Los Angeles, CA

From worm’s eye views looking up at towering palms and blue skiesto gorgeous night-time timelapse shots, this website’s real estate video banner showcases the best draws of luxury living in Northeast LA. With search functions made available in the middle of the gripping visual treat, Hillman Residential delivers on its promise that it is, indeed “easy to find your future home.”

The Habibi Group

San Francisco, CA

High-class real estate meets high-profile Realtor meets high-quality agent website – this is in a nutshell. Decked with a dynamic video slider on its homepage, this luxury real estate website captures the prestige of the Bay Area like no other real estate website does. The towering condos, the waterfront neighborhoods, and global real estate expert Roh Habibi himself in action are all on full display here.

The Wilhelm Team

San Francisco, CA

On, the home screen alone is an impactful demonstration of what the husband and wife team of Mike and Nicole Wilhelm does best. Through a stunning video “open house,” they’ll walk you through a gorgeous Oakland home, showcasing the interiors, the floor plans, and even showing you around the best attractions in the neighborhood. Not a bad way at all to get excited about your Bay Area home search.

The Nartey Group

Beverly Hills, CA

Kofi Nartey specializes in finding and selling homes on behalf of the biggest names in the entertainment and sports industries. This is why is designed to be a stunner all throughout – a high-impact platform that resonates with high-profile clients. This website uses video content excellently, incorporating excellent word-of-mouth marketing through a satisfied customer’s first-hand account of what this luxury real estate team brings to the table.

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