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10 Best Video

Daniel Lowe

Los Angeles, CA

The agent site of Daniel Lowe is a great example of real estate video marketing. It welcomes visitors to the luxury home and condo communities of the West LA coast and San Fernando Valley with a captivating series of full-screen real estate videos. Making great use of aerial compositions, this site effectively showcases the locale’s sun-kissed streetscapes dotted with lush greens, alternating with sparkling blue shores that stretch out to the horizon.

The Freeman Group

Long Beach, FL

Shoreline luxury living is on full display at the top of The Freeman Group’s homepage fold. Maximizing the full range of drone videography, the pans and dollies capture the dreamy feel of Long Beach Island’s sprawling shorelines and waterfront communities – with background music to match. Even Old Barney, the island’s iconic lighthouse, makes a cameo.

David Anthonie

Los Angeles, CA

David Anthonie lets his brand of real estate charm and confidence shine on his website to great effect. Showcasing various snippets of walking tours, including his own hand-shot video selfies, the site practically shows you around Downtown LA and even into a few homes. This dynamic “man around town” vibe encourages a sense of connection right off the bat.

Myers Real Estate Group

Nashville, TN

Regal in its vivid gold and blue contrasts, Myers Real Estate Group uses its home screen to prove why it sets the bar in Nashville real estate. The real estate video banner transitions from bold branding to an image slideshow that exhibits stunning estate facades, idyllic lakefront properties, and gorgeous luxury interiors that attest to the firm’s award-winning reputation.

California Life Properties

High Desert, CA

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to own a home nestled in the hills, all you need is to pay The Real Estate Guys a visit on their website. Your jaw will drop as the camera zooms in and out of the sun-bathed hillside landscape of the Sherman Oaks community, fully capturing the warm, suburban feel of this locale.

First Choice Realty

Nosara, Costa Rica

Across this site’s real estate video wall, the words “Stop Dreaming, Start Searching” crown the site’s search bar. With scenes depicting a surfer surveying lush surroundings before enjoying crystal clear waters, youthful home-seekers striking a deal, and a young family enjoying some downtime over wine, the call-to-action to make this Costa Rican paradise locale comes alive in the best way.

Hillman Residential

Los Angeles, CA

From worm’s eye views looking up at towering palms and blue skiesto gorgeous night-time timelapse shots, this website’s real estate video banner showcases the best draws of luxury living in Northeast LA. With search functions made available in the middle of the gripping visual treat, Hillman Residential delivers on its promise that it is, indeed “easy to find your future home.”

Verona Walk Realty

Verona Walk, FL

Verona Walk Realty introduces visitors to one of Florida’s most luxurious gated communities with an aerial tour that highlights sprawling lakefront estates, long stretches of beach, and sparkling seascapes. The scenic real estate video makes the perfect complement to the site’s white background, evoking a sense of welcoming, sunny open space all around.

The Wilhelms

San Francisco, CA

Bay Area home-seekers are in for a treat. Everything about The Wilhelms’ real estate website inspires action: the URL –; the call-to-action statement and search bar visible above the fold; and the gorgeous clip of a young couple celebrating their brand new home. This is as evocative as homepages can get, executed in the classiest way possible.

Shelly German

Ellicot, MD

Shelly German’s website features a night-time, real estate video timelapse that paints a vibrant cityscape. It’s a marvelous view that transitions into breath-taking images of luxury home façades and exteriors wrapped in warm, comforting tones. With a trio of buttons laid out across the video banner, visitors get an easy way into Ellicott, MD’s luxury lifestyle.

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