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20 Influential RE Websites

There are 1 billion websites out there today. How does yours compare? More to the point, how do you make your website the needle in the haystack clients get to find?

The key, of course, is to stand out – in a big, bold way. And standing out is what we at Agent Image are experts at – designing websites that win awards, wow clients, and leave a lasting impression. Here are 20 of the most talked about websites in the industry right now and their unique design features:

1. Bathurst Coastal Properties

Why it’s different: The site dazzles with a slideshow of 22 – count ’em – high-resolution images showing off the best high-end coastal homes in South Bay, California. At the bottom of the screen, boxed links for buyers, sellers, and a facility to find the value of a home turn into bright blue circles when users hover their mouse. Scroll down to find: Communities
  • Featured properties
  • Quick and advanced search
  • A welcome note
  • Testimonials
  • Strategies for sellers, etc.
Why it works: The images stun viewers long enough for them to see the beginnings of this spectacular slideshow. And, visually at least, it fulfills the promise of the headline running across the screen: “Exceeding your expectations is my goal.”

2. Jason Lee

Why it’s different: This site makes use of strong diagonal lines and angles that make what is essentially a static page more dynamic. Scroll down to find: Featured properties presented “at an angle” (you have to see it to appreciate it)
  • Links to the home search tool, lead capture forms for buyers and sellers, and a list of preferred vendors
  • Featured communities
  • Testimonials from site owners Team Jason Lee’s many happy clients
Why it works: By moving away from the boxy feel of a typical homepage, the site adds visual interest. The dark, saturated background also serves to better highlight the images.

3. Malena Suarez

Why it’s different: It looks more like a lifestyle blog than a real estate website, emphasizing a clean, minimal look with links, text, and heads rendered in soothing greige, a blend of gray and beige. Scroll down to find: The Quick Search function
  • A casually chic, Instagram-style photo and bio of site owners Malena Suarez and Paula de la Torre
  • A scroll-through of Featured Properties
  • Links to 6 San Diego communities
Why it works: The clutter-free look allows the eye to rest on what the site owners deem truly essential. It also conveys an alluring aesthetic of easy and effortless chic.

4. Charles D’Alessandro, Brooklyn Real Estate Sales

Why it’s different:It takes guts for a real estate company to opt out of featuring lavishly photographed properties on the upper half of its homepage. Instead, a quick search function is highlighted on top, as well as a slideshow that teases site features like a neighborhood map and rave reviews from happy clients. Scroll down to find: A bird’s eye view of every key function the site contains
  • Full-color thumbnails that illustrate Featured Properties and Featured Communities
  • Instead of clicking a Contact Us link, users can simply use the message facility on the homepage
  • Facebook posts in real time
  • Related videos
  • Fresh blog updates
Why it works: The site engages users and encourages them to linger by reducing the number of clicks it takes to access information, provide feedback, or inquire.

5. Texas Best Properties

Why it’s different: A slideshow set with high-definition images immediately greets visitors, but what makes distinctive among its peers is its unique use of the box layout. The website is compact, with most of the essentials found on the landing page. Serif fonts and a black theme go well together to create a timeless, sophisticated look.
Scroll down to find:
  • Property search box
  • A link to the firm’s about page
  • Featured communities – all 27 of them!
  • Contact information
  • Quick links for buyers and sellers
Why it works: When you put “Best” in your company name, it’s a constant challenge to deliver. With its stunning elegance, robust content, and overall smart presentation, this website gets the job done.

6. The Lux Group

Why it’s different: The site’s sleek, modern look combines seamlessly with a dynamic scrolling effect, which makes it a joy to browse through. The site’s curated flow and arrangement of elements are executed to perfection, inviting users to head to its various sections or simply soak in the gorgeous panoramic images of some of Los Angeles’ finest luxury properties.
Scroll down to find:
  • A stylish Featured Communities section highlighted by some of LA’s most iconic landmarks and destinations
  • Animated links to the site’s essential sections
  • Featured Properties slideshow
  • Blog article previews
Why it works: Everything in this site just gels together flawlessly, creating a natural flow enhanced by gorgeous images and attractive yet subtle animations that provide that much needed visual pop.

7. Ela Luxurious

Why it’s different: The site fuses a minimalist layout together with eye-catching panoramic images and an elegant navy blue and gold color scheme to create a unique look inspired by Florida’s luxurious oceanfront lifestyle. Its design has a sophisticated appeal without being overpowering, inviting visitors to browse leisurely as if they’re on the sands of the Sunshine State’s picturesque coastline. Scroll down to find:
  • Brief intro on Ela Luxurious
  • Featured Luxurious Listings
  • Featured New Developments section
  • Links to featured neighborhoods
Why it works: The site does a superb job of engaging visitors using neatly arranged elements and a seamless flow while successfully pulling off a sophisticated and modern look that feels very approachable.

8. Joseph Trujillo

Why it’s different: uses a sleek black, gold, and white color palette enhanced with playful red and blue accents to keep things interesting. Every element is arranged strategically, creating an ideal balance between style and accessibility. Scroll down to find:
  • Introduction to Joseph Trujillo
  • Buyer and seller resources
  • Quick Search tool
  • Featured Communities and Featured Properties sections
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients
Why it works: The site has a streamlined look that’s nicely complemented by eye-catching images, minimalist design elements, and sections that transition smoothly into one another.

9. Bozeman Luxury Real Estate

Why it’s different: Video images of Bozeman, Montana open the site, accompanied by voiceover narrations of sales associates Cindy Uhrlman and Mike Schlauch. Scroll down to find: The video showing Cindy and Mike narrating
  • Scrolling thumbnails of exclusive luxury properties
  • Blogs
  • A quick search
Why it works: Watch the video in its entirety, hit the replay button, and then scroll up. The voiceovers on the vid work just as brilliantly on the series of images found on top of the page.

10. Felicia Lewis Group

Why it’s different: Large image banners and several featured videos make an innovative real estate website. The website is crowned with a simplified navigation bar where users can easily find what they’re looking for. The unique color palette combining dark grey, white, and teal is consistent throughout the landing page.
Scroll down to find:
  • Featured videos
  • Quick links to testimonials and marketing strategies
  • A brief, but informative company profile
  • Recent news and blog posts
  • Contact information, including social media profile links
Why it works: The neat horizontal “layers” of the landing page organize the site’s rich content effectively. From the gorgeous high-res images above the fold to the contact details at the bottom, each scroll down presents a new section.

11. Sharona Alperin

Why it’s different: The site opens with the unmistakable beats of “My Sharona,” the biggest hit of the 1980s new wave group The Knack. The image of the real-life muse of that power pop classic appears right in the middle of homepage. Sharona Alperin is now one of L.A.’s top real estate professionals. Scroll down to find: Real estate services
  • Sharona’sprofessional credentials
  • Testimonials
  • Press stories
  • A message facility she calls “Ask Sharona”
Why it works: It’s unusual enough to have music play throughout a real estate site, let alone one that’s iconic. But the real takeaway from this is that every website should find the hook that gets it noticed.

12. Jon Grauman

Why it’s different: With well-lit, beautifully shot interiors and exteriors of luxe residences representing Los Angeles’ preeminent architectural styles – Spanish Revival, mid-century modern, and contemporary – this site has a distinct West Coast vibe. Scroll down to find: Links to currently available listings as well as recent and landmark sales
  • A straightforward, readable bio of site owner Jon Grauman highlighting his background and achievements
  • A just over 30 seconds video of Jon explaining his business philosophy
  • Previews of three featured blog posts with easy-to-scan headlines and thumbnail images
Why it works: The white background and non-intrusive sans serif font puts the focus on the homes, whose linear symmetry is echoed throughout the site.

13. Andrea Korchek

Why it’s different: Light-filled and minimal, the emphasis here is on the casual, relaxed elegance that Los Angeles’ premier communities are known for. Scroll down to find: Links to listings grouped by community
  • An engaging about section that shows why site owner Andrea Korchek is a force to be reckoned with in L.A. real estate
  • Testimonials from a cross-section of Andrea’s clientele
  • Details of her local and global marketing plans
  • A streamlined lead capture form strategically located at the bottom of the page
Why it works: Designed with easy scrolling in mind, the site is a breeze to navigate. And with all the essential information right on the homepage, there’s no need to go anywhere else.

14. Tatiana Derovanessian

Why it’s different: The site’s cerulean-and-white color scheme brings to mind L.A.’s long stretch of beaches and its polished yet laidback feel. Important links – to the property search tool, the home valuation form, and the company’s about page – are right above the fold. Scroll down to find: A brief intro detailing site owner Tatiana Derovanessian’s specializations
  • The featured property listing of the week, including a video of the property
  • Tatiana’s frequently updated Instagram feed
Why it works: Streamlined and elegant, it doesn’t bombard the visitor with too much information, allowing it to highlight the essentials.

15. Landstar Realty Group

Why it’s different: The first thing you see on the main page is the headline, “Start your Property Search.” Below it, the quick search feature enjoins users to key in their preferences even before they’re given free rein to explore the site. Scroll down to find: A welcome note
  • Testimonials
  • Featured agents
  • Services
  • Blogs
  • Communities
  • A navigation bar with links to all the site features, etc.
Why it works: Having the call to action appear right at the landing page encourages repeat visits, thanks to the ease with which users can call up the properties they like. A prominent call to action eliminates the need to drill down to get to the search function.

16. Brandi Pratt

Why it’s different: uses a unique and refreshing visual approach that captures the luxurious Coachella Valley lifestyle. The site welcomes visitors with a montage featuring sweeping desert landscapes, gorgeous properties, and people enjoying some of the best activities the region has to offer. If you’re still on the fence about relocating to some of the most sought-after communities in Southern California, the site’s polished design will definitely be enough to convince you.
Scroll down to find:
  • Quick Search tool
  • Client testimonials
  • Link to About Page
  • Buyers and sellers resources
  • Featured Communities with links to available listings
Why it works: The site’s distinct and elegant teal-and-black color scheme ties everything together beautifully, adding a visual pop that not only highlights the content, but gives it a cool and refined overall appearance.

17. Uzzil & Associates

Why it’s different: It crams every feature found in a standard real estate website right onto its homepage – but does so without looking cluttered. The top half of the site alone shows every section within the website, a quick search function, a live chat box, and a translate button. Scroll down to find: Featured properties
  • A mortgage calculator
  • An area map
  • The current weather
  • Client testimonials
  • List of communities
  • Key services like help in relocating, finding a dream home, etc.
Why it works: Thanks to its sleek and judicious design, the site manages to pack a punch in features without overwhelming the user.

18. Lisa Huntington-Kinn & Co.

Why it’s different: A fullscreen of multimillion homes in Denver, Colorado alternate with lifestyle images of a mid-air ski jump, a bike down a country road, and a teeoff Scroll down to find: A quick search of properties
  • Services the company provides
  • Featured communities
  • Featured properties
  • A brief bio mentioning the owner’s 20-year experience
  • Facebook feed
  • A 3-story preview of the client’s blog with eye-catching headers, and a lot more
Why it works: In a few images, the site manages to sell both the properties and suggest the kind of lifestyle possible with a home in Denver. The single photo of a $27.7 million home to represent the company’s Featured Properties immediately secures the demographic the client seeks. Listing the charities the Realtor supports also establishes her strong sense of corporate responsibility.

19. Helene and Nina Estates

Why it’s different: Gorgeous images of magnificent estate homes in Greater L.A. draw the viewer in and invite them to dive deeper into the site. Scroll down to find: A Quick Search tool
  • Links to property searches by community
  • Brief teaser bios of site owners Nina Kubicek and Helene De Kock
  • Testimonials from happy clients
  • A large slideshow of featured properties anchoring the lower right of the page
Why it works: A white background and sans serif font in varying shades of grey all serve to draw attention to the images as well as to the important links.

20. The Bitton Group

Why it’s different: Greige, white, and a richly saturated slate make for an impactful, very modern statement in this minimalist site. Buttons and links are prominently placed, but don’t jump out too much from the background. Scroll down to find: Links to buyers’ and sellers’ guides
  • Link to the home valuation lead capture form
  • Testimonials from site owner The Bitton Group’s satisfied clients
  • Links to community information
Why it works: The site’s rich yet muted neutral hues and earth tones is easy on the eyes and very inviting. It’s also representative of the Westside’s modernist aesthetic.

Your homepage is your first selling point

As a real estate professional, you want the first page of your website to showcase your strengths and the type of company that you’re representing. With a polished and professional real estate website theme, home buyers will feel that are purchasing property from an established and trustworthy company. Aside from having a great design, your website should also be user-friendly and easy to navigate so your web visitors can intuitively find their way around your site content.

Captivate your visitors with beautiful images

Home buyers want to see high quality and detailed photos of homes and what better way to showcase a featured property than on the homepage and property pages of your agent website. A gallery slider or a separate page for detailed photos should accompany each property listing. For special or featured listings, you can also include links to professionally-made property tour videos.

Property or MLS search feature

Your real estate website should have a property search feature where home buyers can narrow down their searches by location, property type, price range, features, zip code, etc. Make sure that your IDX website offers different ways of searching such as: map search, basic search, advanced search and address/listing ID search.

Mobile-friendly real estate website design

Most people nowadays spend most of their browsing time using their smartphones or tablets, so make sure that your real estate website works on mobile devices too.
Interested in making your real estate website more beautiful? The real estate marketing specialists at Agent Image can help you improve your real estate business goals by creating stunning website makeovers matched with successful internet marketing strategies. Contact us today to get a beautiful website and stand out from your competitors.

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