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30 Best

1. Greg Noonan – La Jolla, CA

An image slideshow of stunning bird’s-eye views of La Jolla, arguably one of San Diego’s most beautiful communities, immediately sets apart. Clearly, the site owners – the team at Greg Noonan & Associates – know that this is the kind of place that sells itself. The site is packed full of resources and the kind of hyperlocal info that showcases Greg and his team’s wide knowledge of La Jolla and nearby areas. The site also makes searching for a home easy – there’s a large quick home search bar above the fold and a preview of featured properties and neighborhoods as you scroll down the homepage.

2. Nicole Muk – Princeton, NJ is a triumph of the use of line and color in the creation of visual tension. Balancing cool and warm tones and a strong linear composition, the design engages the eye and encourages the viewer to scroll up and view the rest of the site. It treads the fine line between sophisticated minimalism and unimaginative monotony. As elegant and captivating as Princeton, NJ itself. The interface is just as harmonious, with well-spaced buttons and understated yet dynamic animation. The website is a harmonious marriage of design and function. proves that there is no need to choose between one or the other.

3. Tatiana Derovanessian – Los Angeles, CA

The site’s cerulean-and-white color scheme brings to mind L.A.’s long stretch of beaches and its polished yet laid-back feel. Important links – to the property search tool, the home valuation form, and the company’s about page – are right above the fold. Scroll down to find a brief intro detailing site owner Tatiana Derovanessian’s specializations. Streamlined and elegant, it doesn’t bombard the visitor with too much information, allowing it to highlight the essentials.

4. The Haverkate Group – Rancho Mirage, CA

The Haverkate Group’s website is a prime example of modern design showcasing Palm Springs property styling at its best. This clean and sleek website reels in visitors with a home page video, then allows one to either send a lead inquiry or search through property type categories. also works in excellent SEO strategy within their site by incorporating an active Blog, informative Resources section, and even includes separate News and Events sections. They do an excellent job at representing themselves as the community and real estate expert in Palm Springs!

5. Stein New York – New York, NY does a superb job of showcasing the luxury and elegance of New York City properties through sharp, full screen background images and a classy design. The stylish navy blue and gray color scheme blends nicely with the simple and clean design elements, creating a very polished overall appearance. The clean lines, subdued palette and the perfect use of accent colors embody everything that is New York - chic, modern and cool. Subtle animations paired with quick and easy navigations tie everything up nicely. The uncomplicated user interface allows the design and the content to shine - neither one upstaging the other.

6. Bathurst Coastal Properties – Manhattan Beach, CA accurately depicts the gorgeous properties and breathtaking views beach communities of the South Bay area has to offer. Vibrant while remaining chic, impactful without being overwhelming - the website combines color and repose seamlessly. The site’s use of full-screen backgrounds and minimalist design elements is mixed in with just the right amount of text, offering an uncomplicated user experience and a perfect introduction to the scenic beach communities. More than just design, is rife with information about Manhattan Beach, CA. The extensive community pages and an active blog page only proves that John Bathurst and the rest of the team knows the area inside and out.

7. Laura Pardini – Beverly Hills, CA

Laura Pardini's website is as dynamic as Los Angeles itself. The site welcomes users to the sunny coast of Southern California with a video featuring the best in SoCal lifestyle. A color scheme of off-white, blue, and gray keeps things relaxed, hinting at the slow-paced life one can expect in the Los Angeles metro area. There’s a lot of subtle movement here that the homepage’s video background serves to highlight. Detailed property listings, community resources, and property search tools, among other things, flesh out the rest of the site. The well-curated content along with the attention-grabbing imagery makes for a compelling and effective combination.

8. Janet DeBusk Hensley – Knoxville, TN

Warm and inviting - is everything Knoxville, Tennessee is. This custom agent site that is dynamically built on the WordPress platform boasts both of style and functionality. The crisp images and subtle design elements are peppered with well-curated and well-placed content. From the font to the color scheme, the website alludes to what you could expect from the laid-back Knoxville, Tennessee. Moreover, the website is filled to the brim with information both buyers and sellers can utilize in the process of acquiring or disposing their has the answer to real estate questions. A true one-stop shop - you need not look further.

9. House Facts Realty – Melbourne, FL

House Facts Realty’s beautiful website showcases the stunning properties that Vierra and the Central Florida area have to offer. The owners of this website, Brad Fairman and Christian Bear, are rated as the top 2% of agents in the nation and their website highlights numerous information packed pages that make it a one stop shop for finding a home! The home page features a custom area map, featured properties and neighborhood buttons which help home buyers find detailed property listings easily! This mobile friendly responsive website also features an informative video, mobile app section and a useful House Facts Reports section which helps buyers find homes in safe neighborhoods!

10. H|E Estates – Los Angeles, CA

From the moment you enter, you can already expect the kind of inviting yet professional service this California real estate company offers. The website opens with an audio of owners Helena Chontos and Erica Reams introducing themselves and reeling viewers in to take a look at their featured property. The actual video showing Helena and Erica narrating, together with a tour of the lavish mountaintop home replete with aerial views of the property can be found as the user scrolls. The video is flanked amidst modern design elements, well-written content and perfectly chose color palette. Fresh, young and in vogue - all that you expect California to be.

11. Jordan Liam Davies – Los Angeles, CA

Jordan Liam Davies' website features many attractive elements on his home page. The beautiful photos draws you in and urges you to explore more of what the website offers. An enticing video a few scrolls down provides you a glimpse of the types of California property listings this real estate firm offers and the well-curated text helps buyers and sellers feel secure in choosing Jordan as a top producing agent. The website’s design treads the difficult balance between familiarity and professionalism - all while maintaining ease of use. is a great example of aesthetic and utility complementing each other.

12. The Bitton Group – Santa Monica, CA

Greige, white, and a richly saturated slate make for an impactful, very modern statement in this minimalist site. Buttons and links are prominently placed, but don’t jump out too much from the background. The site’s rich yet muted neutral hues and earth tones is easy on the eyes and very inviting. It’s also representative of the Westside’s modernist aesthetic and draws inspiration from the trim lines of many of the region’s homes. All in all, gives the impression of a well-established company with a finger firmly on the pulse of the latest trends.

13. The Gold Group – Beverly Hills, CA

If you’re looking for some of the best real estate websites for agents, you would do well with The Gold Group. Representing a range of real estate from 10-bedroom homes priced at $150 million to gorgeous penthouse rentals, The Gold Group packs a solid chunk of information in one page without cluttering up their site. Gorgeous photography sells the property and the lifestyle while boxed links make sections easy to spot. The company bio clearly states the geographical scope of their representation and underscores their “white glove concierge service.”

14. Mackey Martin Group – Scottsdale, AZ

The Mackey Martin Real Estate Group website specializes in real estate for physicians. Their beautiful website uses unique geometric modern design framing, while including a unique market index rating, quick search and easy to use navigation on the home page. Mackey Martin is also well featured with her photo on the home page, while providing an informative video, featured property and featured communities sections to help visitors find what they’re looking for.

15. Briscoe Real Estate – Granbury, TX

Design can coexist with functionality and Lake Granbury Realty’s Agent Image website is a great example of bringing the best of both worlds together. The website’s high-definition images, elegant color scheme and modern font complement each other perfectly. Aesthetically, is the cream of the crop. Nevertheless, its content can easily match the excellence of the design elements. From Abe’s Landing to Water’s Edge, neighborhood pages have been written with vivid detail and accurate information. The team behind Lakegranburyrealty is the premiere real estate agency in the Lake Granbury area. Sure enough, their website remains truthful to their brand.

16. James Allan Properties – Venice, CA

Cool blues dominate in this beautifully spare, well-organized site, which makes use of geometric perspective to draw the viewer’s eye in. The color palette and crisp and clean lines recall the open, airy architecture of the Westside, Realtor James Allan’s main area of expertise, and the fuss-free layout makes a joy to navigate. The decision to place the testimonial slider right below the fold is particularly inspired as it places an emphasis on James Allan’s impressive track record. James has been one of the Westside’s top-producing realtors for years and the site reflects his professionalism and attention to detail.

17. The Lux Group – Los Angeles, CA

It is undeniable that Los Angeles' beauty is highlighted by The Lux Group’s stunning website. Its vivid pictures paint the exact image of what Los Angeles has to offer. Not only is their website gorgeous to look at, it is also packed with useful information for buyers and sellers alike. Visitors who search for properties on their site will be welcomed with gorgeous parallax design, listing quick search, magazine blog, language translate feature and much more! is the one stop shop for everything real estate in Los Angeles!

18. Helene and Nina Estates – Los Angeles, CA

Gorgeous images of magnificent estate homes in Greater L.A. draw the viewer in and invite them to dive deeper into the site while a white background and sans serif font in varying shades of grey all serve to draw attention to the images as well as to the important links. The parallax effects as the user scrolls down on the home page is a gorgeous bit of attention to detail. The deisng is subtle but imapactful. It draws you in without being too loud or gaudy. Needless to say, is the a lesson in balance. It is everything the posh and sophisticated Beverly Hills is.

19. Santidrian Real Estate – Miami, FL

The Santidrian Real Estate website has an amazing full-screen image slider and pop up navigation buttons on the homepage. This modern, stylish website also has an extensive “Communities” section and we love their “List With Us” page, which shows the many reasons why buyers and sellers should work with the Santidrian team. The streamlined layout makes for an easy and straightforward navigation experience and the dark background helps accentuate the well-chosen images of Miami as well as of the variety of gorgeous luxury properties that the team represents.

20. David Anthonie – Long Beach, CA

David Anthonie's website displays a personal feel by showing a video background on the home page. The video brings life to the site and shows David in action so others can get a feel for his passion and enthusiasm for real estate. It showcases the types of homes in California David Anthonie’s Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has to offer. More than the video, the home page makes property search easy by providing a property search box, contact form and an easy to read neighborhood list. It also includes raving reviews from the agency’s former clients. is truly a blend of aesthetics, technology and usefulness.

21. Denis Arnautovic – Charlotte, NC

This is how you do grey and white. Charlotte Realtor Denis Arnautovic’s site plays on the silver and graphite colors of his logo, emphasizing his branding throughout. From the images to the font color and the design of the buttons, everything is on brand and makes for a cohesive whole. Navigation is seamless, what with the well-spaced and well-organized layout. Also notable are the detailed community pages with info on the various neighborhoods that make up the Queen City. Not only does this provide the site visitor with useful information, it also helps to underscore the fact that Denis and his team really know the area.

22. Hilton Head Luxury Homes, Inc – Hilton Head, SC

The Hilton Head Luxury Homes, Inc. site expertly shows how you can use your website to segment your specialties. On you can explore Luxury Homes, Private Golf Communities, Foreclosures and Luxury Condos sections. Aside from properties, moving to Hilton Head, South Carolina is made easier by the area info provided by the From shopping venues to local interior decorators, is a one stop shop. Easily search for properties on the home page and take a closer look on what Hilton Head has in store through the videos that adds a live touch on the home page!

23. Bronx Experts Realty – Bronx, NY

This gorgeous real estate website design really focuses on the targeted city of the Bronx by highlighting the city’s main attractions in their home page image. The home page is also put to great use by showcasing their main neighborhood areas, testimonials, blog and easy to find call-to-action buttons. Take a look inside their inner pages where you will find great content and an easy to use Featured Properties page to search for listings.

24. MD Properties – Los Angeles, CA

MD Properties' real estate website immediately takes users to the West Coast with its cool and clean, minimalist style. White spaces are generous in order to create an ideal canvas for vivid imagery, which users will find more of as they scroll down the landing page. The use of sans serif fonts, a calm shade of blue, and a box layout with hover animation complete the look.

25. John Beury – Oahu, HI

Blue, bright and inviting - the design of perfectly presents the lush island lifestyle of Hawaii. The beautiful imagery combined with well-placed tabs and clearly defined links, it is difficult to imagine wanting to live anywhere else than this gorgeous island paradise. The clean lines and crisp pictures are just the icing on this cake of a website. The community pages is rife with information about each area serviced by John Beury and the rest of his team. Not to mention, the website’s blog is updated regularly - giving any site visitor a clear and up to date glimpse of what it is like to be a permanent resident of Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

26. Peak Properties – Cheyenne, WY

Peak Properties opted for a beautiful, custom theme to showcase property listings in Wyoming. The one of a kind Agent Image website complements the company’s personalized approach to selling a home. Rustic yet sleek, remains true to their brand while providing a functional and easy to navigate interface for their website’s visitors. It is well-designed and uncomplicated - definitely avoiding the sacrifice of functionality for aesthetics. It represent the essence of Wyoming through and through. Curious about the team behind Peak Properties? Read up all about their agents on their customized Agents page. Definately something this website has that is a cut above the others.

27. Ocean to Sky Living highlights the great views of South Florida in this luxury real estate website.

28. The 360 Group – Pittsburgh, PA

The 360 Group’s team approach is underscored by everything from their fun team photo on the homepage to their copy. This Pittsburgh boutique brokerage means business and everything about their real estate website has been designed to enhance their brand. The use of gray and black with green accents throughout the site creates a polished, professional look that’s also friendly, fresh, and approachable at the same time. The site’s clean and attractive design does an excellent job of representing the team’s professionalism, efficiency, and young, vibrant energy. The video and the compelling copy on the homepage also help highlight what makes them different.

29. Dillard & Company – Atlanta, GA is an excellent example of what you get when you combine style with great content. The user-friendly website is overflowing with resources and real estate tools, from community profiles and buyer’s and seller’s guides to real estate news, a mortgage calculator, Atlanta real estate FAQs, and more. Their “67 Reasons to Sell With Us” definitely sets them apart. Love dogs? Then you’ll want to check out their “For Dog Lovers Only” page where you’ll be able to meet the canine members of their team and find links to all kinds of pet establishments in the Atlanta area.

30. Cole Sulenta – Lahaina, HI

Maui Realtor Cole Sulenta’s logo takes front and center on his website and it’s as cool and breezy as island living. Maui, the “Valley Isle,” pretty much sells itself and the site wisely highlights the lush beauty of the island as well as of the luxurious, tropical-flavored details of its finest homes. The customizable property search tool is easy to use and visitors can also search for homes according to area, from Ka’anapali to Hana. “I live the Maui lifestyle which is why I sell the Maui lifestyle,” says Cole, and certainly succeeds in helping him do just that.

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