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Employee Accolades

Tony Banks

"Castri C. had a very good sense of what we wanted. He is very creative... This project started out with Madi B., who had a pleasing personality, she made sure that the design we had was a class of its own... I'd also like to mention that Brian S., is a really good sales person; He was very professional, he listens well and he was very encouraging."

Sonya Ganyard

"It has been a great pleasure to work with Renzie, Rachel and your team! You all have been awesome! You are very customer oriented, very talented, and all have a great personality. These qualities show in your work. You actually care about what your client requests and will go an extra mile to make it 200% of what they desired. I am very excited about the website that you have designed for me and will recommend you every chance that I get."

Steve & Lou Pierannunzi

"Ace is that rare person in the workplace, who is not only a true talented professional, but brings so many other dynamics to a project and in fact to "The Design People" company. His work ethic, creative genius, problem solving, lessoning, teaching and communication skills are nothing less than outstanding! Ace always brings true insight to a project, never shows up with "baggage" and has the ability of quickly understanding customer's wants, needs and desires. Not only does he excel in his technical job knowledge but he has the ability to assimilate that to a client's needs. The science of selling I believe is "effectively dealing with a client's interest" and Ace is a natural."

Beth Cassady

"Aubrey is an all-star! I appreciated her enduring patience through the entire process--especially with my slow responses. She was very helpful in her explanations during the walk-through of Wordpress. I'm extremely happy with the overall look and feel of my website. I can't wait to give out the address to future customers! Thanks so much for a job well done!"

Ryan Roberts

"I would just like to say how pleased I am with the customer service that I was provided by your associate Helen M. She was extremely attentive to my needs and concerns and provided me with a great deal of assistance through every step of the way. She was quick to respond to my requests, knowledgeable in her responses and overall just a breath of fresh air to work with. She is truly an asset to your organization. Great job!!"

Kelsey Uh

"I feel lucky to work with Krystal R. She always gets back to me immediately and solves issues immediately with kindness."

Teresa Fikaris

"KC was very patient with me and was fabulous to work with... I would highly recommend her and Agent Image to anyone looking to purchase a Website."

Emil Khattab

"Yes people, Rocco is an all-star. He should actually consider running for president. Ok seriously though, Rocco has been great. He has always kept in touch and catered to my website's design needs. What I really noticed about Rocco was his patience and professionalism. I must've changed my mind on a bunch of design aspects about a 100 times. But he always catered to my requests in a friendly tone and manner. Furthermore, his advice on how to make my site look it's best was much appreciated. Employee of the year goes to Rocco M. Done. Thanks!"

Tyler M. / Charlotte Lipscomb

"Mar was a FABULOUS art director - I never felt pressured to meet a certain deadline, she was always willing to help in any way she could. She had a great attitude and lended a helping hand even after we requested the 20th revision. I would recommend anyone to use Mar with their website related needs!"

Fran McDonald

"I am very pleased with my new web consultant, Edsel R. I had a number of items that had backlogged - needing to be added and/or changed on my website. He has been very responsive to my requests and has completed the jobs very quickly and efficiently. Kudos to Ed!"