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10 Best International

Charles Vivash

British Columbia, Canada

With bright, page-wide images of a lovely home along the coast, Charles Vivash’s welcomes visitors from all over the world to British Columbia. Below the fold, even more vivid photos of featured communities and properties further enthrall the viewer. It’s a delightful showcase of western Canada’s idyllic home settings, as well as Charles’s staging expertise.

On this website, tropical paradise living feels within arm’s reach. Right off the bat, real estate customers from across the globe are treated to warm and sunny location shots. Beyond that, the site’s numerous resources – video tours, investment guides, and well-written community descriptions, to name a few – help potential clients really get to know the place.

For international real estate buyers, sellers, and investors with an eye on Southeast Asia, is a feature-packed portal to the emerging Vietnam market. Luxury residences and investment properties are on full display here, as the site leads its visitors to the most promising real estate opportunities in the country’s attractive metropolitan and island locations.

Torrin Brauch’s introduces the wonders of Ecuador real estate to a global audience with a showcase of verdant images and meticulously crafted content, including translations in seven languages. To guarantee that its target clientele of expatriates is consistently well-informed, this site maintains rich resources, including a dedicated living guide and a regularly updated blog. matches great content with smart design to market the Tamarindo Paradise resort development to international real estate investors. Effort was put into writing content describing the Costa Rica market’s anticipated “2nd boom” and the property’s revenue-generating potential in great detail. These are complemented with stunning, full-page images that highlight the property’s best features.

For over a decade, Los Cabos Real Estate has successfully used the magazine format to present information on this sunny locale’s luxury villas, resorts, and residential communities. Its website serves as the perfect complement – emulating the online magazine aesthetic to capture the spirit of its original print incarnation, while being more accessible to a worldwide audience.

On, edge-to-edge location photos make site users feel right at home in sunny Bermuda, wherever they may be in the world. Erna DeGraff’s versatile real estate expertise is well-advertised on her online portal, with featured properties and appraisal services prominently displayed below the image slider. In addition, Erna’s gold-and-blue motif translates well from her logo to her website.

Preston Myre

Manitoba, Canada

From the stunning architecture of the Provencher Bridge, Canadian Museum of Human Rights, and the Bridgwater Lakes Fountain Park, to the inviting suburban neighborhoods, Winnipeg’s best sights and cityscapes are on full display on Great design sense is used throughout the website, using clean, modern layouts to make the firm’s listings, blogs, and other real estate resources stand out.

With listings in six countries, Chuck Childers extends his real estate know-how far beyond his North Carolina base of operations. He proves his worth as a Certified International Property Specialist with a classy, well-designed website that features great location and property views, expertly curated content, and various other resources that offer a global perspective on the real estate market.

RE/MAX’s Bahamas luxury property website is uniquely eye-catching with its cut-out black foreground that partially obscures vivid background images as users scroll. It’s a great look that keeps users’ focus on the rich information that this site offers, makes property and location photos pop, and certainly leaves a lasting impression that helps the company’s branding.

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