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15 Best Real Estate Lead Generation CRM Software

Frenetic schedules, endless piles of paperwork, and having to deal with multiple clients and transactions at the same time – these are all in a day’s work for professionals in any field of business, more so for top-producing real estate agents and brokers.

This is where customer relationship management (CRM) systems play an essential role. Designed to streamline workflows and cultivate client relationships in today’s internet-powered business landscape, CRMs have become an indispensable resource.

What role does CRM software play in real estate?

What role does CRM software play in real estate?

In real estate, CRM products and solutions help agents and brokerages stay at the top of their game, no matter how competitive their market or how demanding their clientele.

The practical benefits of CRM software come in many forms, thanks to the versatile selection of database management and process automation features that they offer.

From storing contacts and managing schedules to organizing documents and files and identifying priority leads, CRMs offer solutions for the top features that agents and brokers inquire about in all-in-one productivity software suites.

Key CRM functions that real estate professionals can tweak and maximize for their business include:

  • Creating a centralized database for all contacts, documents, and forms
  • Lead capture, tracking, and conversion
  • Schedule, appointments, and event management
  • Sales and marketing campaign automation
  • Tailored MLS support and customizable IDX websites
  • Website add-on resources, such as mortgage calculators, home value estimation tools, price history tracker, and property maps
  • Multi-platform and mobile app compatibility
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Responsive help desk for technical support needs

15 outstanding CRM options for your real estate business

Every real estate business has a lot to gain from investing in a comprehensive CRM system. Find yours in this list of 15 leading CRM systems for real estate professionals:

  1. Salesforce

    Salesforce CRM

    When it comes to CRM software, Salesforce is one of the most recognized and widely used platforms today. A pioneer in innovating business workflow and document management on the cloud, Salesforce has helped define what a CRM system should be.

    For real estate agents in particular, Salesforce’s broad range of functions and flexible customizability are ideal for streamlining high-volume sales and marketing tasks.

    Salesforce plans start at a monthly $25 per-user rate for up to 10 users. Other plans are tailor-made for specific business purposes, such as sales, marketing, and analytics. Interested users may also request quotes for customized service suites.

    A 30-day trial period is available if you want to test out the platform’s functions before subscribing.

    Overall, a combination of robust features and flexible value plans makes Salesforce one of the best CRM solutions for realtors and brokerages at any level of business maturity.

  2. Top Producer

    Top Producer CRM

    Top Producer CRM is a leading software option specifically designed for real estate agents. Its versatility makes it a suitable choice for brokerages of any size.

    Real estate professionals can rely on Top Producer CRM to optimize every process they need, from establishing initial contact with leads to maintaining long-term clients and welcoming referrals.

    While it already offers an exceptional selection of features by default, Top Producer CRM promises constant evolution as the developers regularly add new features to the platform.

    Top Producer CRM price plans start at $45 per month (or $450, if billed annually), with their standard Professional package priced at $75 per month ($750 annually).

  3. Hubspot CRM

    Hubspot CRM

    If you are looking for a free, web-based CRM software solution to address your business needs, Hubspot CRM may be exactly what you need.

    Available free of charge, Hubspot CRM offers an outstanding feature set with an easy-to-learn visual interface. Its intuitive dashboard is easy to learn, allowing you to effortlessly maximize its rich features right away.

    As a completely free CRM software package, Hubspot CRM is the ideal choice for individual real estate agents or small brokerages that are just starting out in the business.

  4. Follow Up Boss

    Follow Up Boss

    Effective and convenient lead generation functions make Follow Up Boss one of the most reliable CRM software solutions for realtors. With push notifications, advanced drip marketing sequences, and an easy-to-use visual dashboard, this platform seamlessly fits into agents’ day-to-day client engagement strategies and activities.

    Follow Up Boss plans start at $49 per user per month. Their most popular option, priced at $69 per user per month, adds advanced two-way texting functions and lead distribution tools to the base package. Subscribers that opt to pay annually will get their first two months free of charge.

  5. Freshsales CRM

    Freshsales CRM

    Freshsales is another real estate CRM software option that appeals to agents and brokerages that are looking for a cost-efficient solution for their lead management needs.

    Available as a free product with a comprehensive set of essential CRM functions, Freshsales also comes in tiered plans that expand the suite’s range of features as the business grows.

    The freemium “Sprout” plan is available for teams of up to 10 members. Paid packages start at $12 per user per month (billed annually). Their most popular plan is priced at $49 per user.

  6. Contactually

    Contactually CRM

    Thanks to its intuitive interface, even first-time users of CRM software will find Contactually easy-to-use and reliable for relationship-building campaigns with clients.

    At its core, Contactually is a virtual assistant that centralizes contacts and tracks all messages and touchpoints between agents and their clients. This platform streamlines your day-to-day outreach work. Everything is organized, planned, and can even be automated from a single dashboard.

    Contactually is available in Professional ($69 per user monthly) and Accelerator ($119 per user monthly) plans. Customers can also start with a free 14-day trial.

  7. Pipedrive

    Pipedrive CRM

    Designed with a focus on the sales pipeline, Pipedrive is perfect for the sales-driven real estate business.

    Agents and firms can use Pipedrive to collect, store, and organize information from their leads and long-term clients. More importantly, this platform helps agents make sense of these huge, disparate chunks of data using its visually driven interface and customizable automated tools.

    Pipedrive is available at per-user monthly rates starting at $12.50, making it an affordable choice for small to medium-size brokerages. The top-tier plan is priced at $99 per user per month. A 14-day free trial is also available.

  8. Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM equips new real estate agents and brokerages with a complete but affordable lead generation and management system. With the excellent value that it offers, Zoho CRM easily earns its place among the best CRM solutions for real estate professionals in 2019.

    Zoho CRM plans start at just $8 per user per month (billed annually). Enterprise, the most commonly purchased package, is at $35 per user per month. It is also free to try for 15 days.

  9. Wise Agent

    Wise Agent CRM

    The cloud-based Wise Agent CRM platform is designed to be every agent’s go-to real estate lead management system. From its layout alone, you can tell that this system was created specifically for real estate professionals. In addition to its tailored set of features, Wise Agent also has a dependable customer support service ready to attend to their customers’ troubleshooting needs.

    Wise Agent is available at $29 per month or $299 annually, inclusive of one-on-one onboarding. You can also request a quote for a custom package based on the specific needs of your business.

  10. Insightly CRM

    Insightly CRM

    Insightly stands out because of its modern, easy-to-navigate interface. The streamlined dashboard makes the platform and its impressive suite of features engaging and easy to navigate.

    Even with only the basic plan, you can already take advantage of a wide range of versatile CRM functions. Insightly is also available as iOS and Android apps for mobile devices, and is compatible with commonly used productivity software like Microsoft Office, Google G-Suite, and Slack.

    Plans for Insightly CRM start at $29 per user per month (billed annually). Its most popular package, Professional, goes for $49 per user per month. This price range, combined with the platform’s easy-to-learn design, make Insightly one of the best real estate lead generation software options for small to medium real estate firms.

  11. Propertybase

    Propertybase CRM

    Built on the Salesforce platform, Propertybase’s real estate CRM stands on firm ground while offering an extensive list of features specifically designed for real estate professionals.

    Pricing details for Propertybase plans are unlisted. Interested customers can request a demo and a free 14-day trial instead.

  12. Market Leader

    Market Leader CRM

    Having been active in the lead generation and contact management systems game since 1999, Market Leader already serves a large user base of more than 250,000 agents and brokerages in North America.

    The Market Leader CRM features an intuitive dashboard that makes the system easy to learn, even for inexperienced users. You can also access built-in webinars that explain how to maximize the platform using best practices in lead management.

    Market Leader CRM price plans are not listed.

  13. BoomTown!

    BoomTown! CRM

    Real estate professionals at any level of experience will find exactly what they need with just one quick look at Boomtown CRM’s trio of main offerings. These options begin with “Launch,” which is tailored for agents and real estate firms that are just starting out. “Grow” is ideal for expanding teams, while “Advance” is best suited for established and large-scale brokerage companies.

    Pricing details for Boomtown CRM are unlisted, although demos are available by request.

  14. Apptivo CRM

    Apptivo CRM

    If you need a CRM solution that can do it all without asking you to break the bank, you won’t go wrong with Apptivo. It has a broad range of features that are designed as separate modules, enabling users to combine and customize the system according to the size, maturity, and specific application requirements of their business.

    Subscription plans start as low as $8 per user per month (billed annually). Teams of three members or fewer can also use Apptivo’s freemium Starter service.

    With flexibility and scalability that real estate agents and companies can maximize as their ventures grow, Apptivo CRM is a worthwhile early-stage investment that promises to pay off in the long term.

  15. Kunversion+


    Used by more than 40,000 real estate professionals in the United States and Canada, the original Kunversion CRM recently introduced its latest upgrade called Kunversion+.

    The revamped iteration presents an improved interface that allows you to find leads efficiently and effectively, whether you are using a desktop or mobile device. Smart campaigns are pre-built and available for customization, while real-time property search alerts and automated correspondence tracking functions are easy to set up.

    Pricing for Kunversion+ CRM depends on the specific requirements of your business. Demos and pricing quotations are available by request.

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Please note that Agent Image is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in the preceding article. This list was created solely for informational purposes, and is not to be considered a direct endorsement from the Agent Image team. All products and features described are accurate as of January 15, 2020.

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