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5 Real Estate Posts You Should be Sharing on Facebook But Aren’t

For a social networking site that got its start in a college dorm, connecting college students with their peers, Facebook has come a long way. It’s become a part of our everyday lives; from sharing photos of our vacations to keeping in touch with family and friends across the globe, it’s a connection-engine that can’t be ignored.

Facebook has also become a key component in online marketing strategy for many businesses. From Fortune 500 companies to local real estate professionals, adding Facebook to your marketing plan is no longer an option; it’s a must-do. As such, it’s important to have a strategy in place that will help catapult your online presence.

The truth is the rules for what you should and should not do on social media seem to change day to day. What was true even 6 months ago changes as soon as Facebook’s ad analysis tools change or Google metrics change. So what types of posts should you be sharing on your real estate Facebook page?

We can answer this question for you with these 5 tips for real estate posts that you should be sharing on Facebook but aren’t. To begin with, you should commit these statistics about Facebook posting to memory:

  • CTRs increase by more than 125% when photos are added – more than both links and videos (See exceptions below).
  • Facebook likes peak at around 8pm (EST), shares peak at 6pm (EST), and weekend posts get more likes than posts on weekdays.
  • Text gets more comments.
  • Photos and videos get more shares.
  • Pictures get more likes.
  • Neutral posts get fewer likes (neither positive nor negative posts).

#1: Posts That Mix It Up

You have to mix it up and share more content on Facebook that peaks the interest of your followers, not just pitching your latest listing. While posting high quality photos of your properties can help you to get more shares and likes, you should also create content that is interesting to your demographic that will create a buzz, generate awareness about the community and real estate market, and solicit feedback and interaction.

Think about the types of content you click on and respond to on social media and then translate that to your real estate business. Maybe you hold a weekly contest where followers can upload their latest DIY home improvement project to be entered in a drawing for a gift card. Perhaps you share information about the local Farmer’s Market or upcoming HOA meeting. Think outside of just your listings to mix up your content for success.

[Tweet This: Shake up your real estate Facebook page with a variety of posts that engage! #RealEstateTips]

#2: Posts That are Engaging

You do not want to be so personal on your business Facebook account that you are boring your friends list with pictures of your dinner, but you do want to be engaging. In fact, Infographics found that words like “I” and “me” do get more likes on Facebook whereas on most other social media sites, the opposite is true.

Tread the line by posting things that you know your followers will find useful or interesting. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add photos or videos to posts whenever possible.
  • Create custom photos with memes.
  • Post a fun or interesting polling question asking for opinions.
  • Provide some valuable tips and tricks for homeowners, sellers, and buyers.
  • Share “did you know” information as an industry insider.

Posting regularly is useless unless you are posting with a purpose and making your content relevant to those on your friends list. Also, remember that word choice matters. Use some of the keywords from your website in your Facebook posts to increase CTRs. On Facebook, engaging your friends list is more important than selling your services.

[Tweet This: Real estate Facebook posts with “I” and “Me” get more likes. #RealEstateTips]

#3: Posts That are Content-Rich

Instead of building your content around attracting likes, shares, and comments, build your Facebook page around your content. In other words, focus on the quality of the content that you post on Facebook. If you are working hard to make your posts engaging, fun, and interesting, the likes and shares will come.

Your website should be a great source of content about buying, selling and investing in your particular market; you can share this content to provide insights into the market. On the other hand, the local Visitor’s Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and websites for local attractions often have great, sharable resources regarding the community.
According to the study by Infographics, longer posts get more shares but very short or very long posts get more likes. Consider what your goal is from each post; do you want more likes or more shares? If it is a listing, you definitely want more shares. If it is informative or fun, you definitely want more likes.

[Tweet This: Length of your posts are directly correlated with likes + shares! #RealEstateTips]

#4: Posts That Encourage Comments

Since posts with text often get more comments, you want to make sure that all of your posts contain text. You would be surprised at how many agents use Facebook just to post pictures of their listings without providing any context regarding what they’re posting about. Your page is basically a billboard at that point and will only annoy your followers.

You want to create posts that encourage comments. Some of our earlier suggestions like polling your friends or asking for feedback are ways to increase commenting on your Facebook page.

Another tactic, which we urge you to use with care, is the use of negativity. Most social media marketing professionals agree that a bit of negativity can go a long way towards engaging your audience. Take the title of this blog as an example: “5 Real Estate Posts You Should be Sharing on Facebook But Aren’t”. Would you have as eagerly clicked to read more if the post was called “5 Real Estate Posts for Facebook”? Consider this unique twist when posting your Facebook updates.

[Tweet This: Negativity may boost your real estate following. #RealEstateTips]

#5: Posts That are Human

The goal is to post like a person, not a business. This is where many real estate agents get confused and get too personal in an effort to be personable. The last thing you want to do is to over share on your business Facebook page. This audience is not interested in your break-up or your kid making the honor roll.

You want to be personable but you have to keep in mind that you still want to always remain professional.  On the other hand, you don’t want to be so professional that you end up using complicated real estate jargon that your friends don’t understand. Talk about your listings on your business account the way that you would talk about something cool or interesting with friends on your personal account, i.e.:

“You have to check out this awesome deck on this house I just listed yesterday!”

[Tweet This: Be human on social media to engage your audience. #RealEstateTips]

Learn More

When implementing these strategies, you can expect more shares, more likes, and more comments on your real estate Facebook page. Once you’ve got them engaged and paying attention to you, they will not be able to resist checking out your website, especially when they or someone they know is buying or selling a home. The goal is to be “top-of-mind” when it’s time for people in your community to buy, sell or invest in real estate.

Our services are designed to maximize your online content from your website to your social media sites. Learn more about ways to increase your audience and their engagement by connecting with our team of real estate marketing professionals today. Your free consultation awaits!

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