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6 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Newsletter

Are you spending all your energy on social media marketing and less on sending out newsletter-type emails? If you’ve already built a solid email marketing list then maybe it’s time to revive your newsletter strategy.

A strategically worded and well timed e-mail blast that informs and intrigues can generate an even greater response than tweets and posts.

With the goal of improving email open rates and conversion, we’ve curated our top tips for a successful real estate newsletter (many of which we employ right here at Agent Image for our own email marketing campaigns).

#1: Use a personalized email address to send out your newsletter

Most of the time, the people in your email marketing list are not even people you have met face-to-face. Get a better response to your real estate newsletter by personalizing your emails.

#2: Personalize your Subject Line

The first thing that a recipient sees when they receive your e-mail is the subject line. Personalize it to catch their attention. Compare these two subject lines:
“Real estate in Orlando sees higher sales”


“Tom, real estate in Orlando is priced to move this quarter”

#3: Create content that invites action

Anticipate the reaction of your recipients. If they opened your newsletter, what will they get?

Okay so what do you write about? You want to give theme valuable information, something they don’t know that is current and relevant that will stick in their heads. You want to be their resource for local real estate. Consider content like:

These are the types of subjects that your recipient will think about when he or she is having a conversation with a coworker or neighbor. Imagine the conversation going something like, “Yeah, I read that the elementary school is expanding. Yeah, they’re adding a new sports complex too.” When asked where they read it – you are the source!

#4: Use a conversational tone

The last thing that someone wants when they are reading their personal e-mail is a boring, dry, seminar on real estate.

#5: Use strong CTA (Call to Action)

After reading your newsletter what do you want your recipients to do? That is the question you should ask yourself in order to close with a strong CTA buttons or graphic links that leads them to your website or social media pages.  Some examples we like:

#6: Strategic Frequency

The time of day and day of the week that you send e-mails (and how often you send them) has an impact on whether or not they will be read or deleted. We’ve compiled a few statistics from around the web on this topic. Here is what we found:

Striking the Right Balance

Consider that businesses in every industry are tweeting or posting something. Our Facebook newsfeed is getting more crowded by the day. Sending e-mail newsletters or even traditional print newsletters to your mailing list is one way to cut through the noise and reach your readers.