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7 Real Estate Blogging Blunders

Real estate agents are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from other agents. As a thought leader, one of the best ways to share your local knowledge is to blog. But not all real estate agents are professional bloggers or have the ‘gift’ or even time to write. To help you tread the blogging waters, we’ve put together this list of roadblocks and how you can overcome them:

#1 Overthinking and Losing Focus

Blogging doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Stop focusing your energy on the big things (keywords, rankings, traffic, SEO) and just write. They say that if you’re passionate about something (in this case, real estate and your local community), then writing about what you know and what you do should come naturally.  Write with your own voice and style. The important thing is to start now, and commit to doing it on at least a weekly basis.

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#2 Boring Headlines

Titles and headlines are the first thing people see. The trick to creating good headlines is to read it aloud and see if it’s something that you would click if you’re the reader.

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#3 No CTAs

At the end of every blog post, if there is no “Call to Action” or CTAs, your audience will just walk away thinking, ‘hmm, interesting blog’…hit exit button…forget about you. You want to write content that urges your visitors to do something after they read your beautifully written article.

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#4 Quality Errors

Learn to proofread and edit your own work. One of the most common blogging blunders are typos and grammatical errors.

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#5 Sporadic Posting

This is usually a result of disinterest or frustration with the difficulty of maintaining an active blog.

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#6 Wrong Target

Say that you sell luxury real estate but all of your blogs are targeted to middle income millennials without the resources to buy luxury property.

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#7 Useless and Forgettable Content

One way to ensure that your blog content is useful is to stop writing specifically to generate more traffic.

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The above points are just some of the many roadblocks that real estate marketers need to address. Are there more roadblocks that you’re currently encountering? Or maybe strategies that worked for you? Feel free to share in the comments section!