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7 Real Estate Website Design Must Haves

Online real estate marketing is a crowded, competitive arena. If you want to get ahead, you need an agent website that really stands out from the crowd. Get creative with your real estate website design. Pack your website with tools that enhance your visitors’ overall user experience. Explore how to get the best out of your online presence. Check out our list of real estate website must-haves – from elements that highlight your top listings, to tools that help you build a database of potential new clients.

1. Custom Property Display

Do you have high-profile listings? Highlight them using custom property display layouts that seamlessly integrate featured listings into the main page. This strategy makes sure that your featured properties get maximum exposure, without sticking out like a sore thumb from the overall theme of your website.

Custom Property Display - Agent Intelligence Blog

2. Property Cards

Another way to showcase hot listings is to use neatly laid out property cards. Use unique and dynamic animation effects to make the cards come alive whenever your visitors hover over the property images.

Property Cards - Agent Intelligence Blog

3. Lead Capture Popup

One of the most essential features of a real estate website is the lead capture tool. It helps agents build a database of potential new clients while offering their service and expertise through up-to-the-minute email reports and newsletters. Get first-time website visitors on your VIP/mailing lists seamlessly using the popup format.

Lead Capture Popup - Agent Intelligence Blog

4. Tabbed Property Search

Make it easy for your users to search properties based on specific categories. Add tabs to your quick search bar to filter and toggle between common search types, like for-sale properties, rentals, and the like.

Tabbed Property Search - Agent Intelligence Blog

5. Custom Property Categories

Improve your real estate website design by minimizing the number of clicks your users need to reach their desired content. Provide straightforward service by customizing listing categories and help more clients zero in on the property of their dreams.

Custom Property Categories - Agent Intelligence Blog

6. Value Proposition

Want to make a quick but excellent positive impression on your website visitors? Offer a brief consultation, free e-book, or a similarly unique and innovative service and highlight it on your home page. It’s a great way to prove that you are service-oriented and an expert in your industry.

Value Proposition - Agent Intelligence Blog

7. Descriptive Cards

Smooth navigation is always a plus on a feature-packed website. Display essential “at-a-glance” information about your website’s various sections using descriptive cards that activate as dynamic hover effects.

Descriptive Cards - Agent Intelligence Blog

See how these must-have features create stunning and outstanding real estate website designs in Agent Image’s Semi-Custom, and ImagineStudio galleries.

Do you want a stand-out real estate agent website? Contact Agent Image today and ask for a free design consultation.

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