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Best Practices for Maximizing the Like Button for your Facebook Marketing

When you install the Like button on your blog or website, don’t think that it’s just another trendy feature. The Like button has a unique ability to drive word of mouth and referral traffic from Facebook to your website and this reinforces your online presence to a wider network.

According to Adobe’s Monetize the Like Button guide, if you have a business profile on Facebook, you can translate those “Likes” to real business metrics such as sales, leads generated, or revenue. By teaming up together in a webcast and whitepaper, Facebook and Adobe share the best practices for optimizing and measuring the uses of the Like button. This way, using social media can lead to actual business results.

According to Adobe, “Marketers have always understood the power of word of mouth to influence people, but only Facebook has the power to amplify word of mouth through the power of its social platform. When customers share a story about your business on Facebook, that story is published to their News Feeds and their friends’ News Feeds. Because the average Facebook user has 130 friends, a company’s message can be shared exponentially, with the influence and impact of a personal referral from a friend.”

Here are some takeaway points companies should do to maximize returns from using the Like button:

Adobe Online Marketing Suite Best Practice Guide Whitepaper