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The Ultimate Checklist for Effective Real Estate Website Design

If you’re looking to create an amazing online presence, look no further than the complete checklist below.

At Agent Image, we are all about making websites that work. We take pride in designing effective lead-generating and award-winning websites for real estate professionals with high standards and high aspirations.

Gearing to make an impact in the online space? Here’s everything that your real estate agent website needs to have:


    Your agent website is an extension of who you are, what you do, and how you stand out as a real estate professional. It’s an introduction and an exhibition of sorts for your expertise and style of service. It should be a platform where first-time and long-term clients alike can feel that they are interacting directly with you.

    Do you have the following?

    • A clear and easy to read headline
    • A unique and recognizable logo design
    • A memorable color scheme
    • A set of fonts that represents your style

    The internet is a perfect platform for high-quality multimedia content, so use compelling imagery to emphasize your brand. In this age of HD and UltraHD screens, be sure not to be left behind. Communicate clearly by complementing your content and online tools with eye-catching photos and videos captured with the latest technologies.

    Do you have the following?

    • Your best agent photo or team photo
    • High resolution property photos
    • Scenic landscape photos of your area
    • Banner photos to spruce up text-heavy pages

    Your agent website is more than just a location on the internet; it’s also your voice on this wide and far-reaching expanse of opportunity! Use your voice to genuinely connect and resonate with your audience. If your secret to success in the real estate business is your charm and savvy, make sure that both shine through on your website, too!

    Do you have the following?

    • A simple and descriptive slogan for your business
    • A mission statement with your core values
    • A video introduction to your website
    • Friendly and inviting messages instead of canned responses

    If you really want to make your website really connect with your users, treat it like you’re telling a story. Showcase your personality and your best qualities to make your content genuine and relatable. It always helps to stay grounded if you’re aiming to achieve greater heights.

    Do you have the following?

    • A short video to introduce yourself
    • A concise bio about your experience over the years
    • An article about your company and industry expertise
    •  A set of well-written and informative blog articles

    Another aspect of your website for you to take advantage of is the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in the field. Packing useful tools, resources, and content into your agent website means greater engagement, and eventually greater potential to create new business.

    Do you have the following?

    • A set of articles about the areas where you specialize
    • A list of your success stories or client testimonials
    • A directory of local resources
    • A preview of your credentials and affiliations

    Communication is always a two-way street. Be sure to make it convenient for your users to reach out to you. Keep your contact information, message fields, or links to your contact page visible and accessible so they can send you inquiries within seconds.

    Do you have the following?

    • A phone number and email address that’s one click away
    • A list of your top areas of expertise
    • A visual map of your location
    • A full set of links to your social media pages

    Establish a secure foundation for your online home. Make your URL unique and easy to remember, so your target users can easily find your agent website. Make it catchy and descriptive of your expertise and/or location.

    Do you have the following?

    • A strategically chosen URL for your expertise and location
    • A fully responsive website for viewing on mobile devices
    • A security certificate for added protection
    • A professionally branded email address

    Don’t let your expert-quality content go to waste. Be sure to walk your site visitors through what you have to offer with clean and easy navigation. Bridge the gap with your audience by providing easy options to get the results they’re looking for.

    Do you have the following?

    • A concise navigation menu to help your site visitors
    • A call-to-action button on every page
    • A chat plugin for real-time response
    • A lead capture form or opt-in feature to get in touch immediately


  • A distinctive brand needs beautifully designed elements
  • A unique look needs a handpicked collection of complementary images
  • A genuine message needs a selection of well-chosen taglines
  • An authentic story means lending your own voice and expertise
  • A resource-filled website needs readily available tools and helpful content
  • An easy-to-use website needs prominent contact information
  • A successful domain needs a secure platform and professional setup
  • An effective website always puts priority on a seamless online browsing experience

Create an online presence that makes you outshine and outperform the competition. Let’s get started on transforming your real estate agent website. Talk to the design experts and marketing specialists at Agent Image by calling 800.979.5799 today.

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