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Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for your Real Estate Website

Can’t decide what color scheme to give your web designer on your next site revamp? Or are you thinking about getting a new real estate website, microsite, landing page or online brochure? Here are some helpful online tools to help you get the best color palette to complement your site’s branding and style.

  1. Adobe Kuler

    A web-hosted application, the Adobe Kuler allows you to create, browse, extract, and use color themes for various web or print projects.

    You can search and browse color themes by tag word, title, creator, or hex color. Feedback and ratings may also help you decide on which theme to use. In mixing and matching your own colors, you can use the website’s color wheel, harmony rules and color sliders as aides. You can upload images from your computer or enter an image URL to extract its color palette. Whatever theme you make or choose, you can easily save the palette and download it directly to your desktop through Adobe AIR.

  2. Canva Color Palette Generator

    Canva’s web-based color palette generator is as straightforward as it gets. Simply drag and drop your reference and the online tool will “read” its colors to provide you with the color swatches you can adapt for your website design. It’s a great way to help your designers stick to your brand’s existing marketing materials, such as your logos and website elements.

    Don’t have any reference images on hand, or want to start from scratch? The Canva tool also provides a variety of demo images you can use. You can keep hitting refresh until you find the color scheme that feels just right.

  3. Coolors

    Versatile is a word that perfectly describes Coolors. Available as a web-based tool, an iOS app, an Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator add-on, and Google Chrome extension, this resource is clearly designed to be serve a wide variety of users.

    On its browser incarnation alone, users can play around with free “Generate” and “Explore” functions to choose from the website’s database of over 1,000 color combinations.

    By pressing “Generate” designers can view a series of color schemes, easily switching from one theme to the next at a tap of the space bar. Clicking “Explore” unravels a varied selection of color scheme thumbnails for your perusal. You can either search by filter tag, or toggle between the site’s latest palette’s, users’ highest rated themes, and the Coolors team’s own choice picks.

  4. Paletton

    Easily recognizable by the interactive color wheel set against the website’s dark grays, Paletton is designed to truly make colors take center stage.

    The browser-based tool gives designers free reign to play around with infinite color combinations using the interactive wheel. Users can set the wheel to select monochromatic, monochromatic with a complementary color, tri-color, and tetrad (4-color) variations and combinations. The tool even provides a randomizer that automatically generates suggested color palettes based on the user’s preferences.

  5. Color Hunt

    If you’re looking for a web-based design tool that does not beat around the bush, Color Hunt is perfect for you. Presented as large thumbnails, color combinations are regularly shared and updated on the Color Hunt main page. Designers will delight in the virtually limitless cascade of color design ideas here.

    Worried you might forget to bookmark Color Hunt? The website makes sure you stay up-to-date with an email newsletter signup field. You can even add your very own Color Hunt Chrome extension to fill up new tabs with a fresh, random palette.

  6. Design Seeds

    On a mission to deliver a daily dose of design inspiration, Jessica Colaluca created Design Seeds in 2009 to showcase and share her colorwork to the internet’s growing creative community at the time.

    Today, Design Seeds has become its own international creative community, where design ideas inspired by Instagram submissions find a home. The site features a Seasonal Atlas that lets you find the best themes to boost your website’s look at different times in the year. You can also search palettes based on a preferred main color, or explore their wide range of themed collections.

Still can’t decide what colors to go with? If all else fails, contact our in-house experts for an insightful consultation. Our Art Directors have years of experience working on hundreds of successful real estate websites. Contact us at 800.979.5799 for more info, not just on the best colors to go with, but also the best website layouts and marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

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