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Q. What is an RBL and why won’t my mail send?
RBL is a real time black list. An RBL is a collection of databases that collect IP addresses that have been marked as spam. An IP address get's marked as spam over time when users who receive mail from that address mark it as spam. This "marking" as spam is something that people do when they feel they have received something that is spam or even messages that they just don't want to deal with any more.

Another and probably more primary way that an IP gets marked as spam is when thousands of spam emails are generated from that address whether intentionally or not. Then companies that have mail servers receive these messages. Rather than blocking each individual message they block the IP address. When they do this they are usually connected through their firewall with the RBL and then the RBL takes that update and adds it to their list.

As a result of the advances in spamming techniques, hacking methods, and persistence of spamming from undesired senders RBL's have been developed. And in order to protect our company and most importantly our clientele Agent Image's mail server blocks IP addresses that are on any RBL list. This is because at some point that IP was spamming or still currently may be spamming and if that spam was ever shown as coming through our server then our companies IP address would end up on the RBL; which is essentially the worst possible thing that could happen to a technology company.

As far as you our clientele are concerned, if you are getting an error message similar to the one below then you might be having this problem. Read the error message that you got in your inbox and see if you can find the a similar sentence to the one at the bottom of this box.

The most important part is the RBL:


If you do get this message or a similar one, appear then try this:

  • Go to this website:
  • Then under the sentence that says "Your IP is:" write that number down.
  • Then go to this link and in the box that is in the top middle that is blue and says, "spam database lookup"
  • Enter that number that you wrote down and click Lookup.

When it comes in with the results it will look like this:

Testing Results

or like this:

Testing Results

Obviously failed none is the best.

If you did get a fail though what you need to do is scroll through the list sometimes even in if there are red rows it is OK. But 99% of the time if it has failed and you have multiple red rows in these results then you are using an IP that at some point was used to send thousands of spam messages.

For this there is an easy solution find out who your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is then go to this link: List of Common ISP's

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