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Q. How can I send my weekly/monthly e-mail newsletters out? Am I spamming?
There are a number of different ways for you to send out your e-mail newsletters to your clientele. However there are legal ways and illegal ways of doing this. First, and most importantly, if you are using any derivative of or as your outgoing server in your e-mail client then we ask that you give us a call and we can walk you through the legal ways to send out your e-mail newsletters. The number is 1-800-850-7707 ask for the Internet Marketing Department.

The reason for doing this is that if you are sending out messages/ newsletters/ e-mails that are unsolicited, break ANY spam laws, get marked as spam, bounce back, or violate our company policy on volume e-mail (spam) then what happens is that our servers here at the could potentially be marked as a spamming server. When this happens our e-mail service will shut down. We rely on having a spam free server and we constantly monitor and patrol the major RBL's to make sure that our servers have not been marked as spamming servers.

Part of doing this is ensuring that when newsletters and mass e-mailing campaigns are sent out they are done in such a way as too ensure our company and just as importantly our clients have a safe, secure, spam free environment to do their business and conduct their e-mail communications.

To know what your status is, ask you self these questions and give us a call 1-800-492-6777 if you need assistance.

  • Do I send more then 50 e-mails a day?
  • Did the contact ask for/know that you would be e-mailing them your newsletters?
  • Do I send e-mails to people that want my e-mails?
  • Do I have an opt-out option in my newsletters?
  • Do I use a clear and distinct non-deceptive subject lines in my e-mail?
  • Do I regularly update my e-mail clientele list?
  • Do I just keep adding e-mail recipients without ever removing any?
  • Am I absolutely positive that those that receive my e-mails STILL want to receive them?
  • How do I get an html newsletter with web content built for me?
  • What is the advantage of a newsletter with web content vs. a text document or pdf? What are the disadvantages?
  • How do I know what messages are being read?
  • How do I know what messages are being marked as spam? How does that affect me?
  • What happens if my messages are marked as spam?
  • When I send out hyperlinks in my newsletters how do I know which links are being used, looked over, don't work?
  • How many people actually read my newsletters, where do they go when they click on my links? Do they need more information?
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