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Q. Can I forward my e-mail?
Yes. You can always forward your e-mail to wherever you would like. If you already have a preexisting account like at yahoo, gmail, or aol, you can have your e-mails from your new website forwarded to your other e-mail.

Email forwarding allows you to maintain a professional email address while still using your personal email address. If you just registered, there is a good chance you would like to receive email at an address containing your domain name. Email forwarding allows you to do just that by sending all email sent to specific accounts (,, and to existing email accounts you specify. Email forwarding also eliminates the hassle of telling everyone you know that you've changed your email address.

A Warning: When forwarding mail once it has come into our servers we have control over it. We back it up. We save it. And we deliver it to your local mail box POP3 account. However if you have a forward that process doesn't happen, once your mail comes into our servers it is immediately sent out again. This makes it impossible for us to insure the delivery of your mail. This is because the SPAM policies and e-mail settings on other servers are not all uniform. Therefore they may see the mail coming from our server as spam because it is being forwarded.

We have gone to great lengths to talk to these third party e-mail providers and get this problem resolved. At this point there are limited resolutions. Although nine times out of ten you will receive all forwarded mail this warning is something to consider when electing to have your e-mail forwarded.

There are three different options with forwarding:

Option 1:
You can have your mail forwarded to another account. (There is no mail delivery guarantee.)

Option 2:
You can have your mail delivered to your local pop3 account and forwarded to your other e-mail, thus insuring that the previously discussed issue is solved because if you ever suspect your mail to be missing you can just log into our server and check it.
This is contingent upon regular upkeep of your account as you do have 50MB but that often fills very quickly when you have attachments; and when it does it will stop collecting your mail thus defeating the purpose.

Option 3:
Another type of forwarding is called a catch-all: This is for advanced users. A catch all is just as it sounds, it catches all e-mail sent to your domain for example it will catch everything sent to

Disadvantage of a catch-all:
As a result though you will find yourself receiving an awful amount of spam. As spammers generally have programs that send messages to every name in the dictionary as a result since you have a catch all it will appear as though you have all those names and it WILL be delivered to you.

Advantage of a catch-all:
The advantage of a catch all is that if anyone ever spells your name wrong in your e-mail or if you have a lot of agents at your company you can insure that any misspellings in e-mail accounts are still received but that will require a lot of time sorting through spam.


To setup an email forward or option number 1, first login to our web based email manager here: (Note: Your username is the email address you’d like to setup a forward for and the password is your email password). Once logged in, please follow these directions:

Account Preferences

  • Click on "Change your forward"

Change Your Forward

  • Add each forward you'd like setup in the dialog box provided
  • Note the guidelines regarding forwards

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