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Q. How do I set up my POP3 email account in Microsoft Outlook EXPRESS?
** We will provide you with your POP3/SMTP settings upon activation of your new Email Account(s). If you do not know what your POP3/SMTP settings are, please contact TDP Customer Support (800) 492-6777 to retrieve this information.

Below are the instructions for how to setup your Email Client. The information for Your Name, Email Address, POP3 and SMTP settings as described below serve as examples only and are meant to be replaced with the information as supplied to you by your Project Manager and/or Customer Support Representative. **

Click here for the Flash Video setup walk-through!

If you can't use the Flash walk-through above, please use the version below:

  • There are 9 (nine) screen shots, so make sure to scroll all the way down and follow all of the steps.
  • If possible, use Microsoft Office Outlook, NOT Microsoft Outlook Express. You will run into many problems with Express.
  • All entries into Outlook MUST be done in lowercase (NO CAPITAL LETTERS) except for Your Name.

To configure Outlook with a new email account, please use the following procedure:

  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Go to All Programs, then Microsoft Office, then select Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • Once in Outlook, click on the Tools menu, then go to Accounts at the bottom of the menu.

Microsoft Outlook

  • Then click Add, then Mail.

Add Mail

  • In the Display name, fill in whatever you would like to have show up in others' email (typically your name). Your Name and Password fields are the only ones you can type capitals in, please keep everything else lowercase!

Display Name

  • In all lowercase, please fill in the full email (example:, then click Next.

Outlook E-mail Setup

  • All entries into Outlook MUST be done in lowercase (NO CAPITAL LETTERS) except for Your Name and Password (if it has capitals in it).
  • Select POP3 from the Incoming mail drop-down.
  • Type into the Incoming Mail server field.
  • Type into the Outgoing Mail server field.

Outlook E-mail Setup

  • In the Account name field, it has to be filled in with the full e-mail including YOUR domain name - for example - (take a look at the picture below) and be in all lowercase.
  • Enter your password into the Password field. It a case-sensitive, so type capitals and lower-case exactly as they appear).
  • Click the Next button.
  • Click the Finish button.

Outlook E-mail Setup

  • Select the account that says or
  • Click the Properties button.

Outlook E-mail Setup

  • Click on the Servers tab.
  • Check the box that says "My server requires authentication,"
  • Click OK, then Close.

Outlook E-mail Setup

  • Click "send and receive" in the main Outlook window and you should send/receive your emails!

Outlook E-mail Setup

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