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As we often say at Agent Image, your real estate website is your online calling card. After all, it’s often the first point of contact for prospective clients. Hence, it’s vital to have a website that’s not only attractive but effective, too.

Why IDX?

Why IDX?

IDX covers the legal and technical aspects of displaying real estate listing information on a website. Real estate websites need IDX to properly run an MLS (multiple listing service) and to update listings hourly. Agent Image also uses iHomefinder in our IDX custom websites. iHomefinder is a leading provider that boasts strict compliance with IDX rules and is well noted for its excellent map search features.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these IDX real estate websites we designed for top-producing agents. And when you’re ready to revamp your site, give us a call and see what Agent Image can do for your showcase IDX website.

IDX Solutions for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Quiana Watson IDX Website Design

Quiana Watson

Atlanta, GA

The IDX capabilities of are immediately showcased as soon as the homepage loads, making this website designed for home searches. A slideshow of featured properties is located right after the welcome slideshow. It comes complete with relevant information as well as a View Details button for each property. More in-depth information is available in the individual property listings, such as school information, a map of the area, as well as a mortgage calculator. This is possible thanks to the website’s IDX-driven custom listing detail layout. People who want a more personalized approach to the home search feature can easily do so with the customizable search bar. If visitors want to start by location, there is an interactive map further down the page that shows counties in Georgia, which are Quiana’s areas of expertise.

The Carroll Group IDX Website Design

The Carroll Group

Miami, FL

The power of IDX is on full display on The Carroll Group’s real estate website. Instead of the traditional slideshow of active listings, visitors are treated to a visual feast of featured properties in a magazine layout. This attention-grabbing part is followed shortly by a quick search bar that will effectively narrow down the home search for South Florida luxury real estate. The website’s IDX features don’t stop there. Visitors can also search by property type or location, and if they wish to do so, there is the option to browse through luxury communities, luxury condominiums, and new developments. As visitors delve into each inner page, they get a better look at the local real estate market, complete with real-time figures and active listings in the area. Each of these inner pages are unique, it’s hard to believe all the information is actually generated via IDX.

Sharlene Chang IDX Website Design

Sharlene Chang

Los Angeles, CA

Sharlene Chang’s website is carefully laid out to maximize user-friendliness without compromising on IDX features. After a brief agent introduction, visitors are treated to a variety of real estate offerings. The magazine-style layout allows for easy sectioning, making the unique value proposition clear for each part. On display are featured properties made more dynamic with custom hover effects and animation. Readily accessible on the homepage is an easy-to-use search bar, an interactive map of the city, and more invitations to explore Los Angeles real estate and learn about home valuation and relocation. Visitors who wish to do more can click through the featured gallery and explore all of the detailed listing information from the IDX presented in the same chic and sophisticated magazine format.

Greg Noonan IDX Website

Greg Noonan & Associates

San Diego, CA is an amazing IDX real estate site. Do one visit and users can already see that Greg Noonan & Associates are the experts in all things La Jolla. On the homepage, site visitors are first treated to a captivating aerial view of coastal San Diego. A quick scroll down will reveal the group’s featured listings, neighborhoods, and the newest additions to their portfolio. These are neatly presented, with large pricing details and brief blurbs that invite you to click through to learn more. For sellers, requesting valuation is easy through a link found at the top banner. The search results shown on the custom IDX pages are also beautifully presented, with clean colors and minimalist layout. Listings with upcoming open house dates are labeled in red and the details page looks like its been taken straight out of a luxury interior design magazine.

Drake Realty IDX Website Design

Drake Realty

Atlanta, GA

When you visit Drake Realty’s website, you won’t just have a wealth of impressive listings to choose from, you’ll also have several ways to find your dream home. The Featured Properties portion has a carefully curated selection of listings, but there’s also a Quick Search function if you wish to fine-tune your search.

Want a more interactive way to house-hunt in Georgia? The interactive map, which also has community links, should be right up your alley. To top it all off, the website has a Sold Properties section that serves as a testament to this team’s ability to close deals.

Daftarian Group IDX Website Design

Daftarian Group

Newport Beach, CA combines sleek design elements with powerful IDX features making it both chic and highly functional. The prominently displayed search button on the homepage lets visitors and clients start their home search instantly. Peruse the featured listings displayed in a neat row with beautiful photos and essential information. Or look at the featured homes displayed in a property-by-property view that provides a quick description of the listing and its features. Further down the homepage, there is an easy-to-use interactive map of Orange County that displays both active and sold listings.

Jills Zeder Group IDX Website Design

Jills Zeder Group

Coral Gables, FL

The Jills Zeder Group is renowned in the industry for its ability to land high-profile clients and close multi-million dollar deals. Fittingly, its website has impressive IDX features that make it the ideal starting point for luxury real estate transactions. Featured listings are located just below the fold, with crucial details such as pricing and address immediately available. Moreover, visitors can filter results according to exclusive listings and scheduled open houses. Those who want to fine-tune their quest for the perfect home will be well-served by the powerful property search feature, which has advanced filters. There’s also an interactive map with a neighborhood guide, allowing you to freely explore Florida’s many attractive communities.

Higgins Group IDX Website Design

Higgins Group

Westport, CT

Higgins Group has grown to become one of the most respected real estate companies in Connecticut. In fact, it has over 400 agents who provide expert guidance to buyers and sellers alike. To maximize each agent’s bio page, we incorporated powerful IDX features. Click on any one and you’ll see all the active and sold listings they have; this gives you a clear idea of the available properties while also highlighting an agent’s prowess. Moreover, each bio page is equipped with a quick search feature, giving users yet another way to find listings.

Casey Ragan IDX Website Design

Casey Ragan

Toronto, Canada

Buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to desirable neighborhoods in Toronto, one of Canada’s most in-demand property markets. How can you help would-be clients filter their options and track down the community that best matches their needs? Casey Ragan, who specializes in condo properties, has a Toronto neighborhood tour on his website. Moreover, each one comes with tags that indicate what makes that locale special (e.g. historic buildings, parks, shopping centers, nightlife attractions, etc.). Click on a community and you’ll discover further details about the place along with available listings.

Ivan Sher IDX Website Design

Ivan Sher

Las Vegas, NV

Exemplary IDX websites are equipped with powerful search features. This is precisely the case with Ivan Sher’s site, which allows people to enter a city, address, or even a specific MLS number to locate a listing. Furthermore, the search portal enables users to indicate specs such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to narrow down the selection. Those who want a more engaging way to house-hunt can also use the interactive map, which showcases the areas that Ivan specializes in. Moreover, they can view featured high-rise listings as well community guides so they can make better-informed decisions.

Tom & Cindy and Associates IDX Website Design

Tom & Cindy and Associates

Alexandria, VA

Finding your dream home often comes down to finding a community that fits your lifestyle. Tom & Cindy and Associates makes this easy by organizing listings by city and subdivision, with each entry providing an overview of what it’s like to live there. Moreover, market data such as pricing, days on the market, and available inventory are also available. However, this website takes things one step further with a clever IDX feature: clustering available homes by price range. If you already know your budget, there’s no need to filter price points manually — just click the pre-defined range and you’ll see homes that fit the bill.

Ivan Estrada IDX Website Design

Ivan Estrada

Beverly Hills, CA

When you’ve found “the one,” you have to strike fast. Luckily, Ivan Estrada’s listing pages have helpful IDX features that create a one-stop experience. Not only do these pages contain detailed information about a home, but they also let browsers view the additional photos, request more information, and even schedule a showing. The gallery, meanwhile, has a thumbnail preview on the side which helps preserve the graphical fidelity of featured photos — a vital feature since most MLS boards provide low-res images.

The Battle Group IDX Website Design

The Battle Group

Arlington, VA

We pulled out all the stops for The Battle Group’s IDX website, which is powered by iHomeFinder. This means that it comes with Eureka Search, which creates an engaging map-based user experience, and MarketBoost, which nurtures leads via automated market reports. Clever touches also make this website stand out and give people easier access to crucial information. When you visit the “Homes For Sale” section, for example, the map clearly lists the typical housing prices in a given area. There are also community reports that track crucial metrics like median prices over the last six months, giving readers a more complete picture of a given property market.

Katerina Sayles IDX Website Design

Katerina Sayles

Issaquah, WA

Growing environmental awareness has made people that much more selective about the homes they buy. Understanding this, ace agent Katerina Sayles added IDX features to her website that made finding a “greener” home seamless. Head over to the property search section and you can filter results to show environmentally certified properties. Want to know more about a certain neighborhood? There are also comprehensive market reports that share historical data for metrics like price, days on the market, and current inventory. What’s more, iHomeFinder’s Agent CRM is integrated into the site, facilitating marketing automation.

Demakis Family Real Estate IDX Website Design

Demakis Family Real Estate

Mattapoisett, MA

As a leading real estate brokerage in Massachusetts’ South Coast, Demakis Family Real Estate prides itself in providing buyers plenty of options. Similarly, its IDX functionalities offer various modes of searching for listings. For instance, there’s a quick search bar integrated right into the banner section, so visitors don’t even need to scroll down to access this feature. There’s also a map search view that shows not just the number of listings in a given area but the typical asking price as well. Not sure which neighborhood to move into? Users can access a community guide that tackles everything from leisure options to popular attractions. To top it all off, this website also relies on iHomeFinder’s comprehensive sales and marketing platform called ONE.

Sue Adler IDX Website Design

Sue Adler

Millburn, NJ is everything an IDX website aspires to be. Instead of the usual banner photo or video, the site opens with an interactive map that lets you browse homes for sale in a given community. Right beside it is a powerful search feature that lets users further fast-track their home search. Each listing boasts an extensive gallery, interactive floor plans, and a 3D walkthrough. There’s even a feature that lets people estimate their commute times, giving them a clearer idea of what it’s like to live here. The comprehensive community page — which nabbed a prize at the RealTrends Website Rankings — not only provides listings but also a complete guide to a neighborhood’s schools, recreational options, and dining scene.

Armario Homes IDX Website Design

Armario Homes

Pleasanton, CA

Armario Homes understands that would-be clients are hungry for information about the property market. At the same time, it knows that people won’t regularly check back on its website to get that information. The solution? By adding iHomeFinder’s MarketBoost feature on the website, it can automatically generate market reports and email them to warm leads, delivering valuable insight straight to their inboxes. What’s more, has detailed community pages that have an interactive map complemented by guides that cover the history and lifestyle of locales. Is it any wonder why it received an honorable mention for Best Community Page at the 2021 RealTrends Website Rankings?

Brian Petruzzelli IDX Website Design

Brian Petruzzelli

Manhattan Beach, CA expertly uses interactive maps to showcase available listings in an interactive manner. Click on a featured neighborhood and you’ll be presented with clever IDX features that make house-hunting a seamless experience. For instance, you’ll be given a street view so you can clearly see the location of homes for sale. What’s more, you can filter results according to “For Sale” or “Recently Sold.” iHomeFinder’s Agent CRM has also been integrated into the community page, allowing prospective clients to sign up for alerts whenever new listings are uploaded.

Property Cape COD IDX Website Design

Property Cape COD

Centerville, MA

IDX Lite is at the core of Property Cape COD’s website, but its features are anything but lightweight. It powers handy functionalities such as maps, market reports, and text lead notifications, among others. Community pages are also designed for smooth browsing of available properties, and each one features crucial specs such as the number of bedrooms and floor space. When a prospect clicks on a listing, they’ll be presented with comprehensive information about the property. There’s even a mortgage calculator to help people find out how much their monthly payments will be.

Julie Fitts IDX Website Design

Julie Fitts

Blue Ridge, GA

Julie Fitts is passionate about enticing people to move to her hometown of Blue Ridge. That’s why we created an IDX website that made it easier for her to accomplish this task. Using iHomeFinder, we were able to create an interactive map that enables people to narrow down search using zip codes. And with MarketBoost, users can get up-to-date market reports, listing alerts, and other buyer-friendly features delivered via email.

We offer packages for any size agency

Our IDX websites offer custom landing pages, home valuation tools, and neighborhood reports, while some packages come with fully editable pages. Landing pages are very important to lead capture and should be flawlessly incorporated into your website design.

You can also add virtual tours to make each listing more immersive. Agent Image can likewise provide professionally written buyer and seller articles to help educate your clients and draw in new business.

We offer packages for any size agency, from single agents to large brokerages. We offer multiple themes to better you can have the perfect real estate website regardless of your budget or needs.

You can also expect timely web development, expert tech support, and toll-free customer assistance.

As real estate professionals specializing in website design and digital marketing, Agent Image can give you the edge you need in this hyper-competitive industry,

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Agent Image IDX Solutions

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange, which allows agent websites to display real estate listings. Moreover, your real estate business website needs IDX to update available listings hourly. An IDX plugin is available to improve the IDX feed on most websites.

Getting IDX on your agent website is relatively simple. Once you purchase the software from an IDX provider, you can use the codes or IDX plugin in your own site setup.

IDX Broker costs about $50 a month, is highly customizable, and gets frequent upgrades, including a Facebook app. Agent Image offers real estate websites powered by IDX Broker.

There is a free IDX that offers free access to the MLS database. It has limited functionality, however, and is likely not compatible with your website. Real estate agent websites need the paid version in order to offer the competitive features that make for a great website.

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a way to upload, manage, and share listings from a specific area. MLS listings include photos, descriptions, special features, and any other details the real estate agent needs to know before showing the property.

Under some situations, the MLS listings can be viewed by the public through a portal similar to those offered by, Zillow, and Redfin.

IDX is software that allows anyone with an internet connection to access listings. Since over 90% of buyers start their home searches online, an IDX portal is extremely important for your agent website. Furthermore, as the IDX is connected to the local MLS site and updated regularly, it offers the most recent information on every listing, including current prices. Since this is a requirement of real estate boards, website design must comply with this rule.

Zillow does not use IDX listings. Furthermore, research shows that up to 36% of listings are no longer for sale and about 20% of active listings on MLS do not show up on their website.

Yes, the WordPress plugin for IDX is simple to use. It also allows for mapping with polygon search, Facebook login, and responsive web design.

Agent Image offers a broad selection of WordPress themes for your own real estate website that can be tweaked to better reflect your brand’s personality.

Yes, using the proper widgets, an IDX website can generate qualified leads. Inquiries can be funneled into a lead management service (CRM), then assigned to an agent who will entertain the prospect. In short, IDX is a very effective way to set up lead capture.

A professional web developer understands how search engines parse web pages and uses search engine optimization (SEO) to help them rank highly in search results. This is crucial because the top search results get the lion’s share of clicks. A properly set up IDX search can help a potential client find the perfect property by making relevant details readily accessible.

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