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The Oppenheim Group - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

The Oppenheim Group

Los Angeles, CA

As agents to the stars, The Oppenheim Group knows a thing or two about style and substance. Their real estate website is proof. In addition to being a visual treat on the vertical, high-resolution displays of modern mobile devices, boasts a clean layout that effortlessly flows while highlighting the information that matters most—from featured listings to the company’s long list of services. With its complete package of form and function, this website has won Best Mobile Website for 2 consecutive years in 2019 and 2020 RealTrends Website Rankings.

The Altman Brothers - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

The Altman Brothers

Los Angeles, CA

As leading authorities in Los Angeles luxury real estate, the Altman Brothers embody sophistication and confidence. There is little surprise that the very same qualities describe their professional website. is the ideal platform for LA’s most prestigious multi-million dollar properties, with featured listings showcased on the home page using automated image slideshows. Brandishing a sleek layout with sharp navy and gold accents, compelling high-quality images and video, and easy-to-read content, this mobile-ready website deserves its 4th spot in RealTrends’ 2019 Best Mobile Website Rankings.

The Jills Zeder Group - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

The Jills Zeder Group

Miami, FL

The Jills Zeder Group is the #1 team in the nation with the sales volume and real estate website to back it up. The site retains its image resolution and vibrant colors on smaller mobile screens, sacrificing none of the quality or the experience of browsing on desktop. From listing information to site navigation, lets you browse with ease. With sleek and user-friendly design, their mobile site landed the #1 spot on the 2021 RealTrends Website Rankings.

Ivan Estrada - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

Ivan Estrada

Beverly Hills, CA

With prestigious awards and five-star reviews, Ivan Estrada is an agent at the top of his game. He also knows the importance of investing in a mobile site for clients on-the-go. provides valuable, easy-to-digest content on the mobile screen. With a clean layout and high-resolution images, the mobile site makes contacting Ivan and his team a breeze. With easy navigation and eye-catching design, the site was given a Best Mobile honorable mention on the 2021 RealTrends Website Rankings.

Ernie Carswell & Associates - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

Ernie Carswell & Associates

Beverly Hills, CA

Ernie Carswell & Associates caters to an elite clientele and its mobile site certainly reflects this. offers smooth navigation from start to finish. The transition from desktop to mobile doesn’t compromise image quality, layout, and design. Users can expect the same experience on mobile, whether they’re browsing or communicating with the company. This website is a goldmine of blog and video content which helped it land the 9th spot for Best Mobile on the 2020 RealTrends Website Rankings, and then again in 2021, leveling up to the top 4th spot.

Sally Forster Jones - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

Sally Forster Jones

Los Angeles, CA

Decked in an immaculate white background with eye-catching gold accents, Sally Forster Jones’s website epitomizes elegance in simplicity. This website boasts a straightforward and mobile-friendly design that keeps the most important features front and center. Curious about the Westside LA lifestyle? Let the featured video reel take you on a journey through the region’s most exquisite living spaces. Looking for the finest homes for sale? Find the latest featured listings just below the fold. Whatever your real estate goals, you can achieve them faster with as your starting point.

Josh Flagg - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

Josh Flagg

Los Angeles, CA

Josh Flagg is a trusted agent with over $2 billion in total sales volume. His mobile site reflects this prestige with superior architecture and effective navigation. The mobile site displays well on smaller screens with high-quality images and a user-friendly layout. Users can switch from one device to another with remarkable ease while searching for properties or checking out Josh’s credentials. With crisp images and a streamlined user experience, the site received a Best Mobile honorable mention on 2021 RealTrends Website Rankings.

Chad Carroll - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

Chad Carroll

Miami, FL

South Florida’s most aspirational homes for sale instantly take the spotlight when you fire up on your mobile device. With this deliberate design choice, Chad Carroll and his team send a clear and resounding message: With us, you are always one tap away from the home of your dreams. Backing up this bold claim are useful tools and features like quick search fields and curated listings pages—all presented with a refreshing water-inspired color scheme that evokes South Florida’s irresistible oceanfront vibe.

The Noël Team - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

The Noël Team

Santa Monica, CA

Ever wanted to hold paradise in the palm of your hand? Check out The Noel Team’s breathtaking website from your phone. Ranked sixth among RealTrends’ 10 Best Mobile websites of 2019, draws you in with crisp, high-definition videos of the vibrant Pacific Palisades lifestyle at the top of the home page. Scroll further down and be mesmerized by animation effects that introduce the site’s various features. Each new page element inspires action as it slides into view, inviting visitors to explore featured properties, read relevant real estate resources, and more. Now that’s smart design.

California Life Properties - AgentImage Best Mobile Real Estate Websites

California Life Properties

Victorville, CA

Guests are swiftly invited to explore Southern California and its vast real estate market as soon as’s mobile version is fully loaded. A video feature, followed by a customizable home search tool, lets people know California Life Properties means business. The crowning feature of this website is the array of location-based search functionality, where homebuyers can browse through California counties, then search further by specific neighborhood, and finally review additional criteria for price and property type.

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