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Support - Top 5 FAQs

Top 5 Most Frequently
Answered Questions

  • 1. How can I get more leads?

    Our Internet Marketing Specialists can provide you with various options and website advice to improve your lead generation. Please give us a call directly at 1.800.492.6777 extension 543 and we can give you a consultation to point you in the right direction.

    Please also follow our blog where we provide monthly tips and updates to improve your real estate website. Feel free to add us on our social networks and subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed as well from our blog page.

  • 2. How do I make changes to my website?

    If you need to make changes to your website and you don’t have access through your back-end database, you can always send an email request to [email protected] of fill out the form below. Once your request is received you will receive an email and your request will be processed within 48 hours of it being received.

    If you need to send any attachments or wish to speak to a Customer Support Specialist, you can always call our support number at 1-800-492-6777 x 1.

  • 3. What are the capabilities of my email with Agent Image?

    Email accounts provided for Agent Image websites are free of charge. If you have an Agent Pro, Semi Custom or Full Custom website, by default you will get 10 email accounts. If you have purchased an Agents Module or Office Pro website option for your site, you are allotted 30 emails accounts.

    Our mailboxes have a capacity of 500 MB of space. If you use Outlook, you can download emails directly into Outlook and this will give you unlimited email space.

    Our email servers are not setup for Mass Distribution for Email Campaigns. If you send mass emails or email blasts, your emails will be truncated at 10 emails. We do this to prevent our customers from spamming users that may not wish to receive email blasts.

    If you wish to send an email blast or email campaigns, please call our Technical Support Department and they can help you find alternatives to your email blast.

    Technical Support can be reached by dialing 1-800-492-6777 x 1.

  • 4. Can I have my emails hosted elsewhere?

    Yes. You can have your email hosted with any provider and you will still be able to get your desired email name choice.

    To implement outside email hosting, please provide us with this information: The name of the hosting company where you will be hosting your emails. The MX records for that hosting company.

    Please note, any changes to MX records take 24- 48 hours to propagate. After propagation your emails will return back to normal.

    If you have any questions about email hosting elsewhere please ask to speak with one of our email specialists at 1-800-492-6777 x 1.

  • 5. How do I set up my POP3 email account in Microsoft Office Outlook?

    ** We will provide you with your POP3/SMTP settings upon activation of your new Email Account(s). If you do not know what your POP3/SMTP settings are, please contact TDP Customer Support (877) 317-4111 to retrieve this information.

    Below are the instructions for how to setup your Email Client. The information for Your Name, Email Address, POP3 and SMTP settings as described below serve as examples only and are meant to be replaced with the information as supplied to you by your Project Manager and/or Customer Support Representative. **

    Click here for the Flash Video setup walk-through!

    If you can’t use the Flash walk-through above, please use the version below:
    • There are 9 (nine) screen shots, so make sure to scroll all the way down and follow all of the steps.
    • If possible, use Microsoft Office Outlook, NOT Microsoft Outlook Express. You will run into many problems with Express (these instructions are not for Express).
    • All entries into Outlook MUST be done in lowercase (NO CAPITAL LETTERS) except for Your Name.

    To configure Outlook with a new email account, please use the following procedure:
    • Click on the Start Menu.
    • Go to All Programs, then Microsoft Office, then select Microsoft Outlook.

    Email Outlook 1
    • Once you have opened Outlook, click on the Tools Menu.
    • Click on “E-mail accounts” at the bottom of that menu.

    Email Outlook 2
    • Click add a new E-mail account.
    • Click Next.

    Email Outlook 3
    • Check POP3, then click next.

    Email Outlook 4
    • All entries into Outlook MUST be done in lowercase (NO CAPITAL LETTERS) except for Your Name.
    • Fill in the appropriate information. You MUST make sure that all of this information is filled in correctly (and spelled correctly) or it won’t work and you will get an error.
    • In Your Name: Fill in whatever name you what to show up in others’ e-mail.
    • E-mail address: has to be filled in with the full e-mail including YOUR domain name – for example – [email protected]
    • For Incoming mail server you will put –
    • For Outgoing mail server you will put –
    • For Username, this has to be filled in with the full e-mail including YOUR domain name – for example – [email protected] (take a look at the picture below)
    • For Password put your password. (**It is CaSe sensitive so you need to put it exactly as it appears)
    • Check the box that says remember password (if it isn’t checked already).
    • Click the More Settings button.

    Email Outlook 5
    • Click the Outgoing Server tab and check the box that says “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
    • Then click the button that says “Use same setting as my incoming mail server.”
    • Then click OK.

    Email Outlook 6
    • You should then see the previous screen again.
    • Click the Test Account Settings button.

    Email Outlook 7
    • You should see the program processing, then you should see all green check marks. (If you see anything but green check marks, contact Agent Image at (877) 317-4111
    • Then click Close and you should see the previous screen again.
    • Click Next.
    • Click Finish.

    Email Outlook 8
    • Then click “send and receive” in the main Outlook window and you should send/receive your emails!

    Email Outlook 9