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General Website FAQ
  • Why should I choose AGENT IMAGE™?

    The Internet has brought new meaning to the term “home search.” Over half of all buyers use the Internet frequently as part of their search for a home. Your clients expect much more from a real estate agent today than in the past. Consumers are demanding more information, but more importantly, a more efficient delivery system that is easy to use, timely and personalized to them. In fact, four out of every five agents report use of searchable listings on a real estate website changing how they do business!

    Your AGENT IMAGE™ REALTOR® website is integral for winning and showing listings. As you know, top producers are generally the ones with the largest listing inventory. Sellers choose listing agents with the most perceived capability of selling the home at the highest sale price in the fastest time. Reputation, competitive edge, advertising, personality and sales history are key factors in determining this capability. An AGENT IMAGE™ REALTOR® website addresses all of these factors and can be a key selling point in earning a potential client’s business.

    Your real estate web pages can help you brand yourself and stay in the minds of prospective customers. How? Let prospective customers use your site to search for listings, read about your qualifications, look for special offers and so much more! When they make the decision to buy or sell a home, you will be in the best position to offer your services because they have a sense of what you have to offer as their agent and they have been using your real estate web pages to search listings.

    Get more leads with your real estate website. Combine your branded AGENT IMAGE™ real estate website with an effective search engine marketing campaign and you’ve got the formula to get new clients on a regular basis.
  • What kind of clients does AGENT IMAGE™ have?

    Our portfolio includes major real estate companies and top-producing agents. Our nationwide client list includes Prudential California Realty, Pacific Union, GMAC Real Estate, Hilton & Hyland – Christie’s Great Estates, Mossler Deasy & Doe as well as agents from Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Century 21, Keller Williams and many other well-known real estate companies. Many of our clients are top producers who understand the value of branding and that most of their business comes from referrals and advertising. Our most successful customers are very marketing savvy and participate in online real estate marketing as well as traditional methods such as direct mail, signage and newspaper/trade publication advertising.

    AGENT IMAGE™ is real estate web site development company made for REALTOR®. The AGENT IMAGE™ market is composed of well over a million real estate professionals. We have designed hundreds of real estate web sites for agents, brokers and realty companies – primarily for residential real estate. Many large firms license our REALTOR® web sites and technologies for their agents.
  • What are the differences between AGENT IMAGE™ real estate websites?

    AgentPro Our AgentPro real estate websites are our most popular solution for agents who want the best mix of real estate marketing tools and design at the right cost. AgentPro websites provide everything an agent needs to get started online including a deluxe property photo layout, home tips & articles, lead-generating forms, mortgage information, and much more!

    Semi-Custom Semi-custom REALTOR® websites allow agents to work with a designer to create a one-of-a-kind home page with all the tools and pages of an AgentPro. Our customers work with a real estate project managers to create a home page with a their own completely unique ‘look and feel’.

    Custom Custom websites are one-of-a-kind and built from scratch to the exact specifications of our real estate web design clients per proposal. With custom web sites, the sky is the limit – AGENT IMAGE™ can create any real estate web page design you have seen or dreamed of. Whether you need a database, online newsletter, listing search, private client area, or another custom feature more, we can build any real estate web site from concept to completion.
  • What are the differences between real estate template designs and custom designs?

    Real estate templates are pre-designed, affordable, full-featured and easy to set up. Templates are REALTOR® website packages that allow agents to get online quickly. Most of the pages have been created and agents simply have to add content only in pre-defined areas. AgentPro are examples of real estate template designs. Agents choose which design they like best and a project manager works with them to set up the site. AGENT IMAGE™ has a wide selection of designs and releases new REALTOR® web templates often.

    There are only two limitations with a truly custom real estate design: time and budget. Custom designs have a unique ‘look and feel’ and can have any real estate marketing tool or feature. Every site is built from scratch and you, the client, own the design. No two are ever the same. They are completely original and usually cost more than real estate web templates because more hours are needed to fully plan, develop and launch custom sites. They do not follow set guidelines and allow agents and designers to really get creative. Clients that choose custom usually are top producers, real estate entrepreneurs, realty companies or branded agents.
  • How are Semi-Custom designs different from Custom designs?

    Semi-custom websites, on the other hand a hybrid between template and custom. They are different from truly custom designs in the sense that they only have a custom home page attached to AgentPro ‘inner’ pages.
  • Can I upgrade my AgentPro website to a Semi-Custom or Custom?

    Yes, you can upgrade any lower cost website we offer to any higher one. AGENT IMAGE™ offers a discount for upgrades. You would simply pay the difference.
  • What forms of payment are acceptable?

    We accept checks, money orders and all major credit cards. Credit cards we accept include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Checks and money orders are also accepted made payable to AGENT IMAGE; however, a credit card is required for monthly hosting fees.
  • What are the key features of AGENT IMAGE™ REALTOR® websites?

    Great real estate designs, MLS links, search engine submission, neighborhood information, and more! The most distinctive elements of AGENT IMAGE™ sites are its award-winning real estate designs. Agents, both new and experienced, benefit from the trusted, established, credible and professional image conveyed to buyers and sellers by our REALTOR® web sites. AGENT IMAGE™ REALTOR® web sites are also full of features and information that buyers and sellers are looking for. The more information agents provide, the more likely visitors will call them when the time is right to buy or sell a home. Other tools and information found on many AGENT IMAGE™ REALTOR® web sites also include:

    Agent Information Pages Custom Profile/Bio, Custom Photo, and Client Testimonials

    Community Pages School Information, Neighborhood Profiles, Education Statistics, Custom Links

    MLS Search Pages MLS Search Link, Prospect Registration Form, Multiple MLS Capability, Company Listings

    Property Listing Pages Add Unlimited Properties, Sold Properties Section, Virtual Tour Capability, Request Appointment Form, EmaiI Listing to a Friend, Printable Flyers, Map Property, Loan Calculator, Amortization Calculator, Deluxe Photo Layout, Multiple Property Photos, Post Open Houses Real Estate News Selling Tips, Home Maintenance Tips, Buying Tips, Mortgage Advice, Real Estate Glossary, Add Custom Articles

    Financing Pages Mortgage 101 Interest Rate Search, Mortgage 101 Article Library, Mortgage 101 Calculators, Mortgage 101 Industry News, Add Custom Lenders

    Lead-Generation Pages Contact Lead Inquiry Form, Company Information Page, ‘Find My Dream Home’ Form, ‘What is my Home Worth?’ Form, ‘Help Me Relocate’ Form

    Other Key Features Search Engine Submission, High-Speed Hosting, Up to 5 e-mail accounts or forwards, Web Statistics and Tracking
  • Can I change or add pages to my real estate website on my own?

    Yes. Our AIOS Listings Plugin tool allows you to add, edit and delete properties and other content. You can easily change these pages content on your real estate website without any prior knowledge of HTML. Our easy-to-use backend admin panel allows you to update community information, your biography and testimonials. Our AIOS Listings Plugin comes standard comes standard with most AGENT IMAGE™ real estate websites or may be purchased as an option. We will provide you with a password so that you can access your real estate website to make your own changes immediately – anytime, day or night. It is very easy and we are always here to help if you ever have any questions.
  • What if I don’t want to be responsible for updating my listings? Can you do it for me?

    Yes. As included in our service plans, you can email us a description and photos and we will put them on your REALTOR® website for you. AGENT IMAGE™ will update your listings for you within 2 business days. The charge for this service is $25 per listing and we will make changes for the life of the listing. We include a text description, up to five photos and a link to a virtual tour (if you have one). We will also perform any price changes upon request and move the listing to a sold section once it is sold. No other real estate web design company offers this kind of personalized service.
  • What is the minimum content I need to launch a REALTOR® template website quickly?

    The minimum needed to get your website launched is your personal photo and biography. Your bio can be a short write-up, bullet points or mix of both. Sections such as testimonials, sold properties and others can be added after launch.
  • Can I add custom features to my AGENT IMAGE™ real estate website?

    Yes. You can add custom features to AgentPro, Semi-Custom and Custom sites. Our designers and developers will be happy to work with you to include family photos, custom image collages, extra pages and much more. There is an hourly fee to implement these changes and additions. Please contact your account representative for a specific quote.

    Note: AgentPro starter websites are pure real estate templates and cannot be customized further.
  • Can I track how many people have visited my REALTOR® website?

    Yes. You can view detailed information about visitors to your site. We offer a comprehensive web statistics program which allows you to track:

    • Number of unique visitors and average time they spend on your site
    • Number of page views and most popular pages
    • Sites your visitors are coming from
    • Keywords entered into a search engine by visitors to find your site
    • Date and time visitors are viewing your site
    • Geographical area your visitors are from
    • Statistics on your site by day, week, month and year
    • Statistics on type of computer used, browser and much more

    Your website statistics are one measure of how well your site is doing. If used correctly, it is a valuable real estate marketing tool. You can determine how well your online and offline marketing programs are working. For example, if you advertise your website in the newspaper or using Google Adwords, you can check your statistics to see if there was a “spike” in the number of visitors that corresponds to the date your online real estate ad was running.
  • Do I get a discount or referral fee if I send clients to AGENT IMAGE™?

    For more information about our referral program, please click here.
  • How do I promote my AGENT IMAGE™ real estate web site?

    • A great site is useless without promotion. Here are a few ideas on how to promote your real estate web site: Place your website address (URL) and email address on all promotional and advertising pieces such as business cards, brochures, press releases, sign riders, farm letters, newspaper and magazine advertisements, open house notices, television, radio and more. Include your URL on your voice mail and email signature, along with a short introduction, such as “For the latest information about properties for sale in Los Angeles, visit my website at “Email prospects with links to your website to see up-to-date real estate information on a regular basis. Take advantage of our Internet Marketing Department’s new services: SEO Plus, Blogging, Social Media, Copywriting and PPC.