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10 Best Real Estate Websites for April 2021

Spring is kicking things into gear. Real estate activity is picking up. The local markets are hotter than ever. And more real estate agents and brokerages are riding the digital bandwagon, taking their business to the online space.

One way to ensure that a Realtor gets all the attention they deserve is by launching a well-designed and professional-looking website.

Take a look at the 10 best real estate websites Agent Image launched in April 2021.

Aaron Kirman Group Los Angeles, CA

A powerhouse of a real estate firm, the Aaron Kirman Group has been celebrated for its record-setting luxury home sales across the Los Angeles and Southern California areas. The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends have lauded the group as one of the 10 highest-producing real estate teams in America.

Befitting its status as one of the USA’s premier real estate firms, Aaron Kirman’s website boasts a classic and luxurious layout, with its homepage highlighting some of the most notable properties on the market. Guests will be greeted with an intuitive panel purposely designed to make selling, buying, and pricing properties a breeze — even for first time sellers and buyers.

Scroll down to find: A link to the show “Listing Impossible,” an unscripted reality series on CNBC which shows agents from the Aaron Kirman Group helping some of L.A.’s wealthiest homeowners get traction on their multi-million-dollar listings.

Aaron Kirman Group

Kumara Wilcoxon Austin, TX

One of the leading real estate agents in the Texas capital, Kumara Wilcoxon has sold well over $450 million in properties since joining Sotheby’s International Realty in 2014. This has since led to several distinctions for her brand, including being named a “Top Producer” by the Austin Business Journal.

Mirroring her open and honest approach to real estate deals, Kumara’s website has a no-frills, direct-to-the-point, and snappy approach when it comes to its layout. The listings section is especially eye-catching, with its usage of crisp images, clean, unobtrusive hover animation, and a bold and stylish black and white color palette.

Scroll down to find: A comprehensive, well-written, and informative “Communities” section which contains relevant information about Austin’s best places to live.

Kumara Wilcoxon

Renée Westerhout Los Angeles, CA

Featuring a layout that can only be described as timeless, Renée Westerhout’s website is a reflection of her own personal brand of service: informative, elevated, helpful, and thorough.

The website, for instance, puts its listings front and center on its front page, using vibrant photos of selected properties and highlighting all important details. Not only that, but the website also features a “Communities” page filled with information on the neighborhoods their listings are located in.

Scroll down to find: The website, in addition to providing information regarding specific properties that are currently on the market, also has a quick guide for buyers and sellers — making it a valuable resource for potential clients.

Renée Westerhou

Rob Moon Western Coachella Valley, CA

Inspired by Palm Springs, Rob Moon’s website is colorful and bright. It features bold and arresting images and snappy animation, as well as other interactive features guaranteed to draw attention to the properties they represent.

A Realtor with Keller Williams Realty, Rob Moon specializes in fine properties located in the Western Coachella Valley. This means that those looking to get settled in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Palm Desert, and Indian Wells can easily go to his website to check the properties available in the area.

Scroll down to find: “Moon Minutes,” a series of short, informative videos on certain topics related to real estate.

Rob Moon

Core Development Group Brooklyn, New York

Core Development Group’s website opens with the iconic Big Apple skyline — a reflection of its enviable position as an expert in the New York City real estate scene.

Anchored on a visually pleasing indigo and white palette with an emphasis on bright, well-lit photos, Core Development Group’s website is polished and clean, making it easy to navigate even for first-time visitors.

Scroll down to find: Core Development Group’s “In the Media” section, which not only highlights select media documentation of the company’s three decades in high-end construction and real estate space, but also, articles written by its esteemed president, Josh Guberman.

Core Development Group

Scoot McCollough Columbus, GA

A well-regarded realtor and “Power Agent” based in Georgia, Scoot McCollough is known for his skill not just in finance but also in making sure that his clients get their dream homes.

Much like the man himself, there’s a lot to love about The King of Closing’s website. It has a well-organized and uncluttered layout, a classy blue-and-gray palette, and high-definition photos of the properties in its catalog.

What’s even better is that despite being photo-heavy, the site still delivers a smooth browsing experience to its visitors — a feature that can be attributed to the site’s use of snappy animation and transitions.

Scroll down to find: The King of Closing’s featured listings page. It’s a well-curated section that shows not just photos of the properties, but also a map to their locations, a gallery of their interiors, and other important information.

Scoot McCollough

Tamra Trainer Las Vegas, NV

A licensed real estate broker based in Nevada, Tamra Trainer focuses on the luxury high-rise market in Las Vegas. She is well-regarded for having logged well over $1 billion in property transactions.

Much like Tamra herself, her website,, takes a bold and direct approach at laying out the properties that are currently available on the market. Not only that, her website also features virtual tours of the properties, ensuring that buyers or renters get to see the whole property from the comfort of their own homes.

Scroll down to find: The Advanced Property Search option, which helps prospective clients whittle down listings based on their needs and wants.

Tamra Trainer

Above Sunset Realtors Beverly Hills, CA

A full-service, high-end real estate brokerage based in Los Angeles, Above Sunset Realtors has built a stellar reputation dealing in luxury high-rise real estate.

Echoing the nature of the brokerage, Above Sunset Realtors’ website is all about luxury. The website opens with an eye-catching video banner showcasing an elevated take on Los Angeles lifestyle.

Aside from being visually-stimulating, the website is also easy to navigate. Prospective clients will be compelled to explore its different sections. In addition, the site’s listings are also detailed and informative, making it a boon for buyers and sellers alike.

Scroll down to find: The Concierge section, which contains helpful advice for buyers and sellers looking to score a piece of Los Angeles luxury real estate.

Above Sunset Realtors

Kiki Freeman Culver City, CA

Kiki Freeman is a dedicated and driven real estate professional with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She’s best known for her ability to give buyers the best value for their money. Her confident and aggressive market listing strategies for sellers are also noteworthy. These characteristics are present in her website, which features smooth transitions, a clean and eye-catching layout, and beautiful imagery.

Scroll down to find: The “Communities” section, which contains valuable information about Kiki Freeman’s areas of expertise.

Kiki Freeman

The Ten Hoeve Realty Group Holmdel, NJ

The Ten Hoeve Realty Group is well-known for having dedicated itself to providing exceptional, boutique-style customer service to clients in Bergen County, NJ.

Just like the firm itself, The Ten Hoeve Realty Group’s website is bold in its approach. It’s not afraid to go all-out when it comes to its visuals. This is most evident in the site’s homepage, which is dominated by large photos and dynamic hover animations.

Scroll down to find: More than just being an eye-catching gallery of properties, The Ten Hoeve Realty Group’s website is also very informative, with its “Buyers” and “Sellers” section both containing important advice for prospective clients when it comes to real estate.

The Ten Hoeve Realty Group

Highlights of the top 10 websites from April 2021

Real estate websites are more than just online galleries for listed properties. They are also avenues for Realtors and brokerages to show their expertise and offer their services to a wide audience.

Agent Image’s top real estate agent websites for April 2021 for the following reasons:

  1. – A well-designed and intuitive section that makes selling, buying, and pricing properties an easy task for sellers and buyers.

  2. – A no-frills approach when it comes to its layout, as well as a comprehensive “Communities” section which contains relevant information regarding the neighborhoods she caters to.

  3. – A timeless layout for the site’s homepage, coupled with informative content regarding the listings in her catalog.

  4. – Vibrant, colorful and bright, it’s also filled with interactive features guaranteed to draw attention to the properties listed in their portfolio.

  5. – Polished, clean-looking, and easy to navigate — even for first-time visitors.

  6. – Site delivers browsing experience to its visitors, thanks to its classy, uncluttered layout and snappy animation and transitions.

  7. – Bold and direct, the site offers virtual tours, making it a boon for clients who wish to see whole properties without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

  8. – Visually-stimulating yet easy to navigate website, with highly-detailed information on the properties included in its listings.

  9. – Uncluttered yet stunning layout, snappy and smooth transitions, and beautiful photos of the properties and the neighborhoods they are located in.

  10. – Bold, eye-catching homepage dominated by large photos and dynamic hover animations.

2021 is the year to take your real estate business online and let your brand shine.

Join the Realtors and brokers who have trusted Agent Image and create your own real estate agent website. Our team of designers will be with you every step of the way, from conceptualization to launch day. Get in touch with Agent Image today at 800.979.5799 for more information.

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