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100+ Topics and Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog

You’ve decided to blog. Congratulations! You’re taking a great step towards getting your name, website and personal brand known in your community as the go-to real estate professional. But, we won’t lie … blogging takes time, effort and dedication … and it can be hard to come up with topics and ideas to fuel your creative juices. When in doubt, reference this list of 100+ real estate blogs topics.

Lead Generating Blog Posts

  1. Area Tax/Levee Issues
  2. School Rankings
  3. Positive Employment News/New Area Jobs
  4. Commuter/Walkability Ratings
  5. Local Crime Rates
  6. Upcoming Open Houses
  7. New Listings
  8. Reduced Home Price Alerts

Local Influencer Blog Posts

  1. Relocation Guides/Resources
  2. Local Business Finder
  3. Top Area Restaurants
  4. Sites to See
  5. Top 10 Local Attractions
  6. Things to Do
  7. History of the Area
  8. Places to Socialize
    • For Single
    • Retiree
    • Couple
    • Families, etc
  9. Pluses to Living in Your Area
  10. Best Contractors
  11. Community Resources
  12. Neighborhood School Guides
  13. Annual Events/Festivals
  14. Review Local Events
  15. Best Local Private and Public Golf Courses
  16. Most Popular Night Spot
  17. Top Area Café
  18. Insider Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurant Guide
  19. Useful Local Market Analysis
  20. Downloadable Reports
  21. Cost Estimators/Mortgage Calculators
  22. Tips for Financing and Refinancing

Marketing Expert Blog Posts

  1. Highlight Recent Sales
  2. Discuss Clients You’ve Helped
  3. Testimonials
  4. Post about Unique Listings
  5. Targeted Posts by Demographic
    • Millennials
    • Retirees
    • Families
    • Newlyweds
    • Singles
    • First-Time Buyers/Sellers
    • Veterans, etc
  6. Cross Promote with Local Businesses
  7. Maximizing Sale/Purchase Price
  8. Statistics on Local Housing Market
  9. Exclusive Neighborhood Analysis
  10. Expertly Crafted Website

Subscriber Targeted Blog Posts

  1. Free Downloads for Subscribers
  2. Links to Exclusive Market Information
  3. Advice on Finding Local Service Providers
  4. Offer Sharable Content like Infographics via Newsletter Signup
  5. Regular Posts Targeting Niche Market
  6. Insider Information on Refinancing/Home Loans

Real Estate Blog Posts for Buyers

  1. What to Look For
  2. Types of Property Available in Your Area
    • Waterfront Real Estate
    • Newly Built Condos
    • Mountain View Homes
    • Retirement Communities
    • Luxury Estates
    • Gated Communities
    • Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods
    • Kid-Friendly Neighborhoods
  3. Costs of Homes in Your Area Based on Size, Location, Style, etc
  4. Deals for Top Quality Local Real Estate
  5. Buying Guides
  6. Introduction to Local Housing Market Reports
  7. Recent Home Sale Prices
  8. Price Analysis
  9. Market Condition Analysis
  10. Homebuyer FAQ
  11. Financing Options
  12. Understanding the Buying Process
  13. Tips for Getting the Best Price
  14. Video Tours and HD Photos of Available Properties

Real Estate Blog Posts for Sellers

  1. Tips for Preparing a Home for Resale
  2. How to Choose Which Bid to Accept
  3. Calculating a Home’s Worth
  4. Tricks for Staging a Home for Less
  5. Easy Landscaping Improvements
  6. Recommendations for Home Improvements with High ROI
  7. Maximizing Your Home Value
  8. Negotiating for Top Dollar
  9. Tools for Using Photos and Video to Sell Your Home
  10. Guide for Hosting an Open House

User Engaging Blog Posts

  1. Ask for Reviews/Comments
  2. Create Fun Polling Questions
  3. Solicit Comments from Locals about Living in Your Area
  4. Share Testimonials
  5. Post Video Blogs of Interviews with Happy Clients
  6. Write Reviews of Local Events and Solicit Opinions
  7. Target Locals to Post Opinions about the “Best of_____”, i.e.,
    • The Best Wings in [City]
    • Places for Affordable Furniture
    • Top Spots for Singles, etc
  8. Highlight Interesting Reviews/Testimonials from Clients
  9. “Day-in-the-Life” Posts about Working with Real Estate Agents
  10. Offer Discounts or Free Downloads for Referrals or Shares

Buzz Creating Blog Posts

  1. HD/Aerial Photos of the Largest Home in Your City
  2. Highlight Unique Luxury Property Features
  3. Post about Local Celebrities Living in Your City
  4. Take a Side on a Heated Local Issue (Warning: this could backfire!)
  5. Share Shocking Photo/Video Blog Posts like:
    • “Unbelievably Cheap 5 Bedroom Manor” or
    • “One-of-its-Kind Home Goes on the Market for the First Time”
  6. Tie Your Blog Posts to Trending Current Event Topics
  7. Spectacular Celebrity Estates
  8. The Biggest Homes in the World
  9. The Most Lavish Homes Ever Sold
  10. Homes Sold for Shockingly High Numbers or Equally Shocking Low Numbers

Traffic Generating Blog Posts

  1. Use Someone Locally Famous to Guest Blog for You
  2. Post Predictions for Upcoming Year in the Housing Market
  3. Discuss New Technologies that Help Sell/Buy Real Estate
  4. Write about Most Attention-Grabbing Properties You Represent
  5. Share Video Tours of New Listings

Shareable Blog Posts

  1. Pictures of Celebrity or Politician Estates
  2. Views of Unique Landscape of Your Area
  3. Comparative Analysis of Your Market versus National Market
  4. Rank the Top Real Estate Properties in Your Area
  5. Downloadable Reports/PDFs for Sharing via Social Media and E-Mail

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