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Call-To-Action 101: Converting Clicks Into Clients

What is a CTA?

An effective Call-to-Action or CTA is an integral part of any great real estate website. When done correctly, CTAs can convert internet traffic and clicks into actual clients.

Get ahead of the competition by learning the basics of CTAs and how to properly utilize this clever marketing tool.

What is a CTA?

A CTA or call-to-action is a link, tagline, button, or pop-up that entices visitors and motivates them into taking action on your website. They can be used for showcasing listings, asking for contact information, viewing communities, and so much more.

Your website’s CTAs should vary in style and size, and should be customized to match the type of real estate services you offer and the needs of your visitors. Their main goal is to generate leads from simple visits to your website.

How do CTAs affect your business?

After your visitors have scrolled through the website and gotten to know your business better, they’ll be curious to see all the services you have to offer. This is where the CTAs come in. Your website’s CTAs help move users along and direct potential clients to their next step which could be anything from viewing properties to getting a home valuation.

If your website has no CTAs, your visitors won’t know where to go and might leave your site without doing anything. Thus, hurting your chances of turning those visits into true opportunities to connect.

How do CTAs affect your business?

What are the most common CTAs for real estate websites?

A real estate website focuses on showcasing a realtor’s services and their communities. The most common CTAs on real estate websites include the following:

  • View Properties
  • Search For Homes In “X” Area
  • Get a Free Home Valuation
  • Learn More About The Neighborhood
  • Get Mortgage Information
  • Contact An Agent

Having at least two of the CTAs listed above is a quick and easy way to help your website generate more leads while you already have your visitors’ attention.

Most effective CTA designs to generate leads

Every CTA is different with some more effective than others. The ideal CTA is one with compelling text and an exciting and attention-grabbing design.

Here are some CTA designs sure to generate leads:

Value-added CTAs

Showcase your business and let visitors know that your services are exactly what they’re looking for with CTAs like “Get a Free Consultation,” or “What’s My Home Worth?”. These CTAs clearly lay out what users are getting in exchange, wanting to derive something relevant in the process or trying to pinpoint the exact value of their property.

This CTA design ensures that visitors know you can give them a worthwhile and collaborative real estate experience. It also specifically tells them what you and your website has to offer and convinces them why they should click.

Value-added CTAs

Video CTAs

A video CTA can really captivate your audience, make them click, and listen to what you have to say. Videos can easily get your message across clearly and eloquently making it easy to convert visitors into leads. Oftentimes the visuals can already provide the hook you need to grab users’ attention, but these are also best accompanied by a few key taglines or slogans to complement your main selling points.

Video CTAs actively and visually demonstrate the “what” and the “why” quite easily. It’s common to see these presented as opening scenes on a website to jump right into the heart of the website’s content and marketing highlights. If the video content presents a clear story and idea, a simple button or link near the video is all you usually need to invite users to take the next step.

Video CTAs

Desire CTAs

Like the name suggests, the Desire CTA design hones in on your visitors’ wants and needs. This is to help match users to the bespoke information and resources you can provide.

This type of CTA truly engages your audience’s ideals, goals and emotions. If your target audience is looking for a lifestyle-driven selection of properties, or a particular set of criteria that appeals to their personal values and life goals, these CTAs are the perfect chance for users to feel closely engaged in the process, by finding something that’s tailor-fit to their needs. Desire CTAs, if done right, leave a lasting impact with your audience, because it shows that your values resonate with theirs, and you understand what they are looking for.

Desire CTAs

Learn More CTAs

Some visitors don’t always readily know what they’re looking for when they hop onto your website. Sometimes they will be off to a tentative start and will first explore what you have to offer without jumping into commitments right off the bat. By using “Learn More” CTA design, you can seamlessly lead visitors through different parts of your website and present your brand and business effortlessly. After touring through your best offerings, your users would certainly gain a lasting positive impression to consider you as a reliable resource for what they need next.

Learn More CTAs

Here are a few more tips on creating the best CTA for your website

Choose the colors and style carefully. Your CTAs should be eye-catching and visually appealing. Creating high contrast is a quick way of drawing attention. Make sure your CTAs complement your website’s overall aesthetic by selecting colors and fonts that amplify your statements. Have them appear consistently from page to page so they can be easily associated with clicks and action. Also, consider how your CTAs show on various devices for the best outcome. If they appear a certain way on a desktop device, they should also create the same compelling look on a small mobile device, for example.

Make your CTAs convincing but not demanding. There’s a fine line between enticing your visitors to taking action and sounding too intimidating. Be careful with how you word CTAs so they don’t come off as forceful or manipulative. Today’s internet users may already be rather savvy in identifying the usual “clickbait” phrases that come off as too salesy, so it helps to sound natural and genuine whenever selecting key phrases for your site visitors.

Create different CTAs for different clients. If your target demographic varies depending on your offerings and expertise, try to tailor your CTAs for each audience type. It won’t help to just use one phrase for your whole site no matter how compelling it sounds. For example, sellers and homebuyers want very different services from a given agent, so this clear distinction should be evident, being able to cater to their needs accordingly.

Give your website an edge and generate leads with ease using professionally written and well-designed CTAs. Get in touch with Agent Image today and let our expert design team help you craft the perfect CTAs for a lead-generating real estate website. Give us a call at 1.800.979.5799 or send us a message here.

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