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Statistics Show that Home Staging Works

In comparison to the 145-day average non-staged homes stay in the market, statistics from staging education website,, show that “94% of homes staged by an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) sell on average in 29 days or less.”

And with that in mind, here are the top 12 home improvements for sellers identified in a HomeGain survey, with highest returns on investment:

1. Clean and de-clutter

  • Clean the house from top to bottom and make sure no unpleasant odors linger inside the property.
  • Remove excess furniture and appliances that may make the space appear smaller.
  • Declutter and empty out the garage.

2. Home staging

  • Showcase features that add value to a home such as the fireplace, upgraded kitchen countertops and built-in shelving units.
  • Depersonalize as much as possible and clear out your personal items. You are showcasing the home for sale, thus it is essential for the buyer to imagine themselves, and their stuff, in the home you’re selling.

3. Lighten and brighten

  • General lighting accented with mood lamps or spotlights dramatically improve the ambiance of the home.

4. Landscaping

  • Address both the front and back yard, making sure that they set a great backdrop for the home.
  • Check, unclog and clean your gutters, downspouts, drainage and rainwater pipes to remove debris that can provide shelter for termites.
  • Prune bushes and trim the trees, remove dead plants, and keep the lawn mowed.
  • Check the wooden structures outside the house for signs of termite activity or damage. Run checks on the wooden fences, garden furniture, the patio, deck or veranda.
  • Reduce sources of shelter that store excess moisture and makes the house attractive to termites.

5. Repair plumbing

6. Update Electrical

  • Replace old light fixtures, switches and faulty outlets.

7. Replace or shampoo carpets

  • Clean windows and draperies too.
  • Placing area rugs can highlight and add warmth to a space.

8. Paint interior walls

9. Repair damaged floors

10. Update kitchen

11. Paint outside of home

12. Update bathroom

  • This cannot be overemphasized. A super clean, pleasant-smelling, well-lit bathroom is always a great selling point. Do not let this space be the last on your priority list.
  • Get a professional cleaner to rid the bathroom of molds and age-old grime.
  • Replace broken fixtures.
  • A neutral master bathroom that appeals to both sexes is recommended.

For more home staging and home improvement tips prior to a sale, check out this related article.

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