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Tips, Tools and Apps for Real Estate Agents

The recent tablet and smart phone craze has made real estate agents realize how impossible it is not to be equipped with a mobile device and be connected to the digital world. Here 7 tips to help you do more in less time and the tools that’ll help you achieve that.

  1. Sanebox: Keep your emails organized.
    • Sanebox manages and classifies your mail into what’s important and what isn’t by using algorithms.
  2. Evernote: Make note tracking enjoyable and easy to remember.
    • You can jot down notes, store documents, record audio and take photos.
    • Your files are stored in a cloud, so you can access them in any computer or mobile device.
    • You can use it for both business and personal items by placing your notes in different “notebooks”.
  3. Action Method: Organize your to-do lists.
    • This online app helps you coordinate your to-do lists as well as track and delegate your tasks.
    • Action Method has three color codes: Orange, Blue and Grey.
    • Use this to classify tasks that need and should be done that day, tasks that should be done by that day but can be pushed back a day, and tasks you’d ideally like to get done by that day but can be set aside tentatively.
  4. TripIt: Make traveling a breeze.
    • If you’re a real estate professional who travels a lot, this app is for you.
    • Forward your confirmation emails to their service and it automatically creates your travel itinerary.
  5. YouMail: Have your voicemails transcribed automatically.
    • YouMail transcribes your voicemail messages and sends them to you via email or text.
    • One particular feature YouMail users appreciate is Call Receipts where callers immediately get a response and be addressed by their first name when their call isn’t picked up. This makes the caller feel important and appreciated.
  6. HootSuite: Put your social networks into one place.
    • HootSuite lets you manage your social network accounts in one place.
    • One useful feature is setting the date and time when updates or statuses get published. You won’t have any problem with sharing overkill.
  7. Pinterest: An eye-candy way to share home photos and designs.
    • Pinterest has recently launched its business page feature; and one of their new tools is website verification where the website on your profile will have a checkmark beside it.
    • Having this assures users that they’re on the official Pinterest page of your real estate business.
    • Pinterest has also rolled out buttons and widgets for your website so your Pinterest profile can be easily accessed.
  8. Mobile-friendly real estate tools:
    • Transform your old website to a mobile-friendly one and partner it with your own real estate mobile app.
    • Find out how by filling out our free consultation form to send an online inquiry or visit our Mobile Website Design page.

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