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Egypt Sherrod
Egypt Sherrod Atlanta, GA

When it comes to real estate industry superstars, few shine as bright as Egypt Sherrod. Hers is a stand-out brand built on years of experience and polished expertise in home-flipping and interior design, plus a personality that just naturally connects with people. On, Agent Image captures her signature flair, packaging it with the substance and functionality that the Keller Williams website design is known for.

The Altman Brothers
The Altman Brothers Beverly Hills, CA

Serving the exclusive, high-end Los Angeles real estate market, but known worldwide as the stars of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, Josh and Matt Altman truly are the golden boys of real estate. Featuring clean layouts with fluid animations, offers one of the best luxury real estate website experiences around. More than just a real estate resource, the website also connects clients to the Brothers’ training and speaking services.

The Nartey Group
The Nartey Group Beverly Hills, CA

You know you’re doing something right when the most recognizable names in sports and entertainment turn to you for their real estate needs. This is why the real estate website design inspiration for is a perfect blend of glamor and sophistication. Using bright and crisp photography, sleek layouts, and straightforward navigation, Kofi Nartey’s concierge services are presented with an assuring air of confidence.

The Habibi Group
The Habibi Group San Francisco, CA

As a globally renowned real estate expert, Roh Habibi represents one of the world’s most sought-after markets with an amazing real estate website. A website worthy of San Francisco’s unmistakable prestige, welcomes visitors with videos highlighting both stunning city views and Roh doing what he does best. The stunning visuals are paired with outstanding content and intuitive navigation, lending to a productive user experience overall.

Sheerin Feizi Group
Sheerin Feizi Group Boynton Beach, FL

From edge-to-edge community photos that welcome every visitor to the site, to the smooth transition animation effects at every scroll, is a visual delight. Its clean color scheme is contrasted with vibrant images that fully capture the spirit of the southern Florida communities of Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Boynton Beach. The information featured in the site pages are tailored to real estate audiences of all kinds – from buyers, sellers, to commercial property investors.

901 Real Estate Services
901 Real Estate Services Memphis, TN

No frills, all thrills. Straightforward is the name of the game when you log on to, an exceptional real estate broker website serving the Memphis, TN market. Whether you’re property owner looking for top dollar for your rental or home for sale, or a buyer searching for the perfect home, this website is your gateway to expert services made accessible through smart design.

Melanie McLaird
Melanie McLaird Tulsa, OK

Exceptional South Tulsa real estate opportunities seem to jump right out of your screens on the sleek and modern This real estate agent website uses the minimalist aesthetic to great effect, creating an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user experience. This deliberate design choice also makes for an excellent mobile real estate website experience for customers who are always on the go.

Avi Dan-Goor
Avi Dan-Goor Las Vegas, NV

The best luxury real estate websites are those that wow you as soon as the first screen loads. does this to great effect, as its single-screen homepage leaves it to crisp photography and clear calls-to-action to get the job done. All you need is right in front of you, as four main buttons lead to Avi’s profile, search functions, and contact page.

Jimmy Martinez
Jimmy Martinez Beverly Hills, CA

Los Angeles may be one of the best known cities around the world, but through, it appears with a fresh look and feel. Captivating full-page photos fill a deliberate minimalist design on the main screen. Plenty of off-center focal points are used here, lending a dynamic and modern feel to the page. Inside, punchy colors in the location and property photos complement well-written and easy-to-read text content.

Urban Key Realty
Urban Key Realty Miami, FL

As one of Florida’s leading real estate brokerages, Urban Key Realty is committed to bringing more people closer to the dream lifestyles that only Miami can offer. Loaded with the best real estate IDX solutions, content-rich pages, and intuitive layouts that make it easy for visitors to find their way around, is a showcase of smart, strategic, and impactful website design by Agent Image.

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